Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blogger Interview: The Bloodhound

Today I'm interviewing a new addition to the Blogosphere, The Bloodhound. Thank you for joining me today, Bloodhound. Can you tell me a little bit about your blog?

I like to research family history and so I thought I'd share with others this love of researching. On my blog I have occasional blogs about different aspects of doing family history research, going from the general to the specific. I've also included many links to other websites that I feel could be useful to people who are looking for their ancestors.

How did you come up with the name, "The Bloodhound?"

I was thinking of a mascot or an icon for something or someone who likes to hunt. This sort of description applies to me, as well, since I'm not happy unless I'm hunting something down. Of course, once I catch it, I'd rather take a picture or glean information from it than do anything harmful to it. My wife was able to put the different pieces together and actually come up with The Bloodhound, so I'm giving her due credit.

When did you start blogging?

About five or six months ago, this last December. I was very frustrated with the avenues of expression I then had to share the wonder of family history with the world. Again, it was my wife that generously came up with the idea of creating my own blog on the subject. As a result, I can freely express my views, passions, and opinions.

Your wife sounds wonderful. How often do you post?

I post about once every two or three weeks.

What will readers gain by coming to your blog?

They will gain some how-to's on how generally to do genealogy and give them online resources that will enable them to effectively research their ancestry and family histories.

I was substitute-teaching in Primary a few weeks ago, and noticed that the Church has taken the song "Genealogy" and changed it to "Family History." Why did they do that, do you know?

Because family history encompasses everything having to do with ancestral research, including scrapbooking, histories, social networking, and DNA.

Oooooooo, scrapbooking! Now, I've just published a new novel that was written using the journals of my ancestors. Would you consider that to be family history work?

Yes, I would consider that out-and-out ardent family history work.

He's buttering up the blog host, everyone! I don't mind at all. As we conclude our interview with The Bloodhound, I'll ask one last question. If a person wants to get involved with doing their family history but doesn't know where to start, what should they do?

They should begin by gathering all the historical artifacts they possess, organizing them, and then asking family members for as much information as they can get about what their family did.

Okay, I lied. That was not my last question. What do you mean by "artifacts?"

I mean birth, marriage, and death certificates, family pictures, medals, ribbons, commendations, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, watches, anything they had.

So, you don't mean like, the Holy Grail?

If your family had something to do with that, and you can get a piece of it, yes.

Thank you for joining me here today, Bloodhound. I'm sure my readers enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better and that they will all soon come running over to visit you and give you some bloggy love.

Stay tuned for more interviews with bloggers, conducted by yours truly.

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ali said...

Awesome! Thanks for introducing us to Bloodhound Tristi!

I'm going to go on over show some 'bloggy love'!

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