Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Robison Wells Day

I only say that because I'm going to mention Robison Wells twice in this blog. I'm not suggesting that we write "Rob Wells Day" on our calendars or make a big deal in any way. I'm not that weird.

First off, you need to check out Rob's interview with Edward Cullen. This is what investigative journalism is all about, folks, getting to the heart of the matter, the other side of the story. And if you have to make the entire thing up, well, so what?

Second, I haven't been over to Rob's blog to check out his Idol predictions, but I will after I've made mine. This one is the toughest to call. Both Davids are very, very good in their own sphere. Cook has shown the most creativity, the most willingness to go out on a limb ("Billie Jean" and "Hello" being perfect examples of this) and he's really a well-rounded performer ("Music of the Night" being another example) Archuletta has the most sincerity, the purest tone, and the most humility, which is always good. This vote is really going to come down to what kind of music you like. And since I can't go out there and poll every single person in America and find that out, I'll just have to guess, and my guess is Archuletta. I think Cook is more actual "idol" material, but you can't deny that Archuletta is good. And my prediction is that Rob is going to predict that Cook will win.

On to something that has nothing to do with Rob, unless you count the fact that he wishes he could be a contestant, "Dancing with the Stars" concluded last night and I'm delighted Kristy won. She was my pick from the start and never let me down. I'm glad we didn't have another Sabrina-esque upset with someone else taking the tropy. I'm already looking forward to the next season which will kick off in September.


Karlene said...

Usually I tivo Idol and watch it later but Megan & I watched in real time last night and I almost called you when it was over to squeal and scream and do all those other weird girlie things that girls do when they're excited.

Anyway, I've never been a true Archuletta fan. I find most of his songs too sappy and predictable. But last night, I had to jump on the Archuletta bandwagon. He was wonderful.

Tristi Pinkston said...

You definitely should have called, Karlene! And I've made my mom a believer too.

Dan and Wendy said...

I thought that the first song by both performers was their best.

David A. had a better night than David C. last night, but I could easily see myself enjoying an album by either.

I read somewhere else today about how Jason Castro had all of the 13 year old girls voting for him and his "voting block" would more likely go to David A. Of course, Syesha's might likely prefer David C.

I'm sure that they will both produce records that will sell well. I'll pick David A. to win tonight, but David C. to be a bigger commercial success.

Tamra Norton said...

You know what--I have to totally agree with this statement by Dan and Wendy:

"I'll pick David A. to win tonight, but David C. to be a bigger commercial success."

I'm a huge Archuleta fan, and hope, hope, hope he wins. I think he's the better vocalist of the two, but...I bet Cook will follow in the footsteps of Daughtry and be a huge commercial success. Archuletta will do well too.

Marta O. Smith said...

I watch the performances on YouTube because we can't get a Fox station out here without cable. David A. knocked it out of the park. As the mother of a teenage daughter, I love that he is so WHOLESOME!

I thought David C. did a decent job with his first song, but the other two I really didn't like. I know he's got a lot of talent and originality, but in the end, would I buy his CD? No.

RobisonWells said...

Hooray for Robison Wells Day! Everyone give each other presents and kiss!

Kristi said...

OH man! I was had again! I watched American Idol last night, and recorded Dancing with the stars to watch tonight! I forgot that you are a Dancing with the Stars fan. Oh well...I am glad that Kristi won. Not only is she an amazing dancer, her name is just amazing. :) As for David C winning idol? I think he was the best musician overall. I loved David A, but America got it right and gave it to the most talented musician. Now what are we going to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Something productive? I dont' think so.

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