Friday, May 16, 2008

Grandma vs. the Flagstone

Contestant #1: Grandma

Contestant #2: Flagstone

It was a fight to the finish. Grandma, on her mission, determined to serve the Lord. Flagstone, covered in moss, determined to protect the walkway. Both with a job to do. Both with wills of iron. Both determined to succeed at all costs.

Round One: Flagstones make their move. They throw Grandma down, causing her to land on her hip. X-rays show nothing broken, but her back won't get better. She's sent home from her mission in England to recoup at Tristi's house.

What will Round Two bring? Will Grandma arise triumphant? Or will the flagstones keep her down?

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment in this Battle of Gladiators!

P.S. I should have clarified - this is my mother, not my grandmother. We call her Grandma because that's what my kids call her. So, commenters, thank you for sharing your concern over my grandma . . . but I'll have you shift that to my mom. Sorry I wasn't more clear.


ali said...

Owie! Well that's just no fun!

I thought when you said you weren't coming to the lunch it was because you had something way exciting to do - not that hanging out with G'ma isn't fun (I'm sure secretly thrilled to have some time with her!) but it wasn't the sort of exciting I had in mind.

Get well soon Grandma!

Queen of Chaos said...

OUCH! Poor Grandma!

She's got a good grandaughter helping her though. Maybe she's stay down longer then necessary so she canbe doted on buy you. :)

And your sisters reunion looks super fun! Now the song 'Sisters' is stuck in my head! Thanks!

The Bloodhound said...

Score...Flagstones 1, Grandma 0...Grandma is not out for the count..I am staying tuned for the the next bet is that the flagstones crack up!

Framed said...

You have her smile. Very warm.

Karlene said...

I've met your mom. It will take more than a flagstone to keep her down. :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Tristi! How's your mom? I hope she's doing well. I bet she's just devastated to be back home from England (although secretly glad for some extra lovins and huggins time with her favorite grandkids). Please send her my well wishes & prayers for a very speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. You might want to look up a chiropractor who does NUCCA Chiropractic. The flagstones via the fall may have knocked the atlas in her neck out of balance. For more information check out It is so gentle you think that the doctor is not doing anything. But I can verify that it worked for me and saved me from a world of pain.

Will you mother return to England once she gets feeling better or is she home to stay?

Good luck.


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