Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Update

This season is really getting interesting! Here are my thoughts, independent of what the judges said or how they scored.

My #1 pick for last night was, surprisingly, Priscilla. I was concerned when they first brought her on. That woman is old. But she's been bustin' some moves, and last night's tango was the best of the night. She and her partner Louie brought some sizzle to the dance that none of the other couples did, and I was downright impressed.

Next on my list is Kristy. She and Mark are doing a great job, but the judges did hit the nail on the head -- technically she's awesome, but she needs to bring more emotion to the dances.

Now, the judges didn't care for Mario's performance, but he and Karina came in third, in my book. The guy is good. That's just how it is.

Shannon did a great jive. I thought it was funny that the music director chose music with the lyrics "Don't drink, don't smoke -- what do you do?" for this number -- Shannon's partner Derek is Mormon and doesn't drink or smoke. She's showing a lot of improvement.

Cristian is one manly Latin dude -- and is really stepping it up in this competition. He and Cheryl were given dumb music, but they did a good job, nonetheless.

Jason is an awesome performer and has a natural ability, but his performance last night was a little lackluster, compared to what we've seen up until now.

Marlee is doing an excellent job, but the others were a bit better last night. She's not going to get eliminated any time soon.

Marissa is also doing a good job, but her jive was a little dull. She's got a great personality and it should have gone over a lot better last night, but I'm worried that she's in a little trouble. In fact, even though I'm ranking two other dancers below her, I think she's going to be the one to go tonight.

The last two dancers on my list are Steve and Adam. They both did a great job last night, compared to how they've done in the past. Anna was sick this week, so her husband Jonathan taught Steve how to tango. Steve picked it right up and says he'd rather dance with Jonathan from now on.

Adam totally cracked me up. He said he'd gone online to learn the origins of the tango and discovered that the dance is about pimps and prostitutes. (Interesting . . . ) Samantha Harris asked him how it felt to be taught about sensuality by a nineteen-year-old girl (his partner, Julianne, is just nineteen and he's many years her senior. He's already commented that he thinks it's weird) He turned on the comedic charm and said, "You know, my grandfather always told me that if I wanted to learn an Argentinian dance about pimps and prostitutes, I should talk to a nineteen-year-old Mormon." (He wasn't criticizing our religion; he was saying, what on earth would a Mormon know about that?) After the laughter died down, he said to Julianne, "Oh, are you Jewish? Oh, I'm so sorry. This is uncomfortable. I thought for sure you were a Mormon." Another round of laughter, which he followed with, "I love the Mormons! I really do!" I laughed so hard -- after all the negative press the Church has gotten during this political campaign, it was nice to see someone joke in a friendly, non-abrasive way.

So there you have it -- Marissa will probably leave us tonight. I guess we'll see.


Danyelle F. said...


I think it's funny that you're so into Dancing with the Stars. I think I saw part of one show once. Like maybe 15 minutes, tops. Not that I don't like dancing - the total opposite. I love it! I just don't get an opportunity to actually watch tv. But I think your updates are awesome.

Su said...

I had to pick up my daughter from "Cats" rehearsal -- who was voted off????? I'm guessing Steve G...

As for American Idol tonight, I TOTALLY take back what I said last week about Michael Johns! ("Michael Johns seems like a sweet, humble, dearheart of a guy, not to mention being oh-so easy on the eyes. :^) But IMHO, I think his talents are limited in the sense that he's not as versatile as the 2 Davids.") His bluesy style tonight was deliciously awesome! At this point, I still think David A should win, if he's able to stay balanced at his young age. I can only imagine the pressure, stress, and nerves!


Framed said...

Well, the results show is half over, so you know Marissa is staying. I'm glad she is getting another chance. I don't want to see Steve leave because I like him so much, but I'm afraid for him. I agree that Priscilla was amazing and Kristy also. I'm excited to see her be more emotional. Adam cracked me up last night. I thought his Mormon remarks were hilarious.

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