Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Reality about My Reality Shows

Okay, so, you're all ears to hear what I'm thinking.

Marissa didn't go home, and I'm glad. I think she deserves another shot. However, it's sad to see Perpetually Happy Steve Gutenberg go. He showed a lot of improvement this week, and his number with Jonathan was absolutely hysterical. He'll be missed.

On to American Idol . . .

I really enjoyed Carly tonight. I've always loved her voice, and it was hard to pick my favorite performance of the evening, but I pick hers.

David Cook can do no wrong, in my opinion. He's a genuis.

David Archuletta really knocked it out of the park.

Michael still holds a firm place in my heart. Rob is wagering he'll be gone in two weeks, but I still think he's going to make the final four.

Syesha probably made a mistake by singing "I Will Always Love You." That song, while amazing, has been done so much, it's a cliche. She did do it very well and I liked that she tried to stay away from Whitney's version.

Brooke concerned me a little tonight. I thought, like Randy did (even before Randy said it) that she rushed it and seemed a little out of breath. I love Brooke and I love her voice, but she didn't bring it home tonight.

Jason is a cutey-pie and he seems so sincere, but I wasn't loving it as completely as other competitors tonight.

Ramielle did a tolerable job. She looks like one of my Cub Scouts in a dress.

Kristy Lee may have had a good night with it being a country song, but she just doesn't do a single thing on this planet for me.

That being said, I know I've ranked Ramielle above Kristy Lee on my personal preference meter, but my wager for who will go tomorrow: Ramielle. There was very little personality and I was pretty bored.

I wonder if Rob has posted his thoughts yet . . .


kris said...

Tristi - if I didn't read your blog I wouldn't have a clue about any of this. :) Just checking in.

Karlene said...

I agree with you 100% on Idol, except for Syesha. I thought she did an amazing job and that her voice on it was spectacular. Yes, maybe the song has been overdone, but there's a reason--because so many people love it. I thought Carly was #1, Syesha #2, and David Cook #3.

RobisonWells said...

Sorry I'm lating posting my thoughts, but they're now up.

And, it makes me physically ill to say this, but I'm needing to reevaluate my predictions for Michael. As much as he consistently sucked for several weeks, he has certainly improved in the last two.

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