Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tools of the Trade

There are certain items that I use all the time and keep right here on my desk. Lip balm, finger nail clippers, a glass of water or water bottle, a notebook and pen -- all of these are tools of the trade and without them, my productivity would be severely curtailed. You'll find that your tools are different, depending on your needs, but some things are basic and standard.

I'm on and off the Internet frequently throughout the day. As I'm writing blogs for, I hop online to remind myself what the hero's name was in the movie I'm blogging. Or to find the name of the author of the book I'm reviewing. Or to find out when it was first published. Then I go online to post it, and while there I hunt down links from other sites to enrich the blog.

When I'm writing, I use the Internet extensively to back up facts, to find out what day of the week March 21st, 1965 was (it was a Sunday) and to get ideas for character names. (I like going to baby names sites for that one.)

And right now, I'm posting this blog, online.

I would say that I average two-four hours a day online. And, up until yesterday, I was doing all of that with dial-up. But yesterday -- ah, beautiful yesterday!! We got Comcast.

Now I'm still doing all the same work I usually do, but it's taking me less time. I've posted four blogs for, I'm writing to you now, I've done scads of laundry, got school done, finished reading a book, did my dishes -- it's been a good day. Did having Comcast help me get all that done? Well, no, not directly. It didn't do my dishes, for instance. But having power in one area of my life has made me feel more powerful in others.

Yes, having better internet is a tool of the trade for me. I think I'll hang on to it.


Karlene said...

Speaking of Lip Balm, why is there not a permanent link on this blog to your Scentiments site? I'm going to have to get several more--one for my purse, one by the computer, one by the bed, one in case I lose one...I'm really liking that stuff.

Tristi Pinkston said...

That might be because I wasn't smart enough to think of it. :) Thanks for suggesting it!

Marsha Ward said...

Tristi, I'm so jealous. I'm limited to dial-up by my location. My only other option is satellite Internet, providing the dish would point accurately between the pine trees situated between me and the southern sky.

Dial-up. Pah! However, it's better than no Internet at all!

Tristi Pinkston said...

It's true that dial-up is better than nothing. You've got a gorgeous setting in all those pine trees, though -- you can't beat that with internet!

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