Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Am Thankful for Books!!

It's that most marvelous time of year when we start to think about all the things we're grateful for. I am a very blessed person, and it would take me quite a long time to list everything I'm grateful for, but one of the things pretty high on that list would be books. Books have changed my life, made me who I am, filled up many lonely hours, and basically been my soul's bread and butter, meat and potatoes since I first learned how to read at age five.

That's why I chose the theme "Thankful for Books" when Kathy at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer asked me for ideas for this giveaway hop. And you can be thankful for books too, when you hop from blog to blog and enter to win amazing prizes all along the way!

All you have to do to enter on this blog is to become a follower, then leave a comment on this post and tell me why you're thankful for books and one book you're most thankful for. That's it! And please be sure I can obtain your contact info by clicking on your comment, or leave your e-mail address. If I can't hunt you down, it's hard to tell you if you've won!

And what shall you win here?

This is Secrets After Dark by Marie Higgins, a romantic Gothic mystery. Click here to learn more about the book.

Now that you've entered to win my prize, visit these other sites and see what they're offering!! There are literally over 150 participating blogs ... 150 prizes you could win! **THIS HOP OFFICIALLY STARTS AT MIDNIGHT - PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THEN TO VISIT OTHER SITES. YOU CAN ENTER HERE NOW, THOUGH.**


Andrea said...

I'm thankful for books because of the escape they provide, the enlightening I find in them, or the laughs. It's nice to be entertained, but it's also great to be educated.

For me, I don't have a lot of books that I'm truly thankful for without also being thankful for the author and their example. The book I'm going to mention is actually a series - the Fablehaven series. I met Brandon Mull before he went big, and being an aspiring author, watching his success was very exciting. He did it with the same reading level of books I write! And he became big, maintaining humility, friendliness, and charm. He inspires me. I'm thankful for his example, and I'm especially thankful for his books! I LOVE the Fablehaven series, as I mentioned. They will always be at the top of my list of favorite books to read.

booklover0226 said...

I am thankful for books for the escapism they bring me. After a long day at work, I need something that will take me away from reality for awhile.

I can't think of one book in particular. I am thankful for all the new authors I discover each year.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Mary Ann said...

Aside from the obvious choice--my Book of Mormon, I'd have to say, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It helped me understand why principles of the gospel work the way they do. For instance, why it is important to be grateful.

Christy Maurer said...

I am thankful for books because they are a great escape and they can take you to another world! I'm thankful for the Harry Potter series because it was a bonding time for my daughter and me.

ineedadietcoke at aol dot com

Danielle Villano said...

I'm thankful for books because they allow me the opportunity to experience life paths I may never choose (or may not be able to choose). I'm most thankful for Lolita, which makes me appreciate the complexity of language :)


Kayla said...

I'm thankful for books because it has let me escape the busy world. The book I'm most grateful for would have to be Significance by Shelly Crane!

SueFitz said...

I'm thankful for books because it's a great way to share with my nephews - who now both love to read also.

Jennifer Haile said...

I'm very thankful for books because at the end of a stressful day they always manage to make me feel better!

volta2173 at sbcglobal dot net

wwe11 said...

I'm thankful for books because it has let me escape in a rushed world. I'm a gfc follower-erma2167.
The book I am most thanksful for is cinder.

Kindlemom said...

I am thankful for good books because they let me pretend to be in another place in another time where magic is a possibility and sometimes anything goes.

Thanks for the giveaway!

kindlemom1 (at)

Loupe Duffy said...

I thankful for book for the way the expand my universe.
Thanks for the chance :)

Benita said...

I'm thankful for books because they are an escape to a different place, a place to relax, knows other people and block out the world.

I'm most grateful for the Velveteen Rabbit, that started my love for books,


Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I'm thankful for books because they opened my world to new possibilities. I've always loved books.

One of my favorites is The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery.

kayejazz at

Cassandra said...

GFC: Cassandra Hicks
I'm thankful for books because for me they are an escape from everyday life and plain and simple they are entertaining :)
One book(s) I am thankful for (this year) is the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

mariehahn13 said...

I'm thankful for books because they're the best friend a girl can have! They're loyal, honest, always a good time, always available and they're not afraid to pour their heart out to you. Perfect :)

I'm especially thankful this year for the book Gabriel's Inferno. Not only did it revolve around one of my absolute favorite literary works, it combined it with a beautiful and touching romance.

Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! :)

songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

Tia Dalley said...

I am thankful for books because they let me travel the world without leaving my living room. One of the recent books I read and am thankful for was The Night Circus. It is great fun to visit the circus without ever leaving your home.


Anonymous said...

What would we do without books! They let us into other people's lives, take us on fantastic journeys to places we would never see, and show us otherworldly realms where we can escape for a few hours. One of my favorites this year was The Scorpio Races.
Bonnie Hilligoss/

Amber Nicole said...

I am thankful for the things I learn from books, I can easily go on a great journey and experience a different time or culture all without the hassle of traveling. I am thankful for all books, and their authors as well who are generous enough to share their works with us.

GFC: AnimeAngel1016

Christine Jensen said...

I am thankful for books because they provide me with an escape for just a little while. I love my family and life, but every once in a while you need to explore another life, and books are a fabulous way to do so!

I am thankful for Pride and Prejudice, it is a book I read over and over again, and never tire of.

kissyjensen at gmail dot com

Erika said...

I follow on GFC as Erika. I'm thankful for books because they help me escape from my busy, hectic life and I love to experience all of the different worlds in the pages. The book I'd choose is The Hunger Games which really got me into YA books and specifically dystopian books. It is really a great series and I've found so many others because of it. Thanks for the giveaway!

Crystal R. said...

I am thankful for Dark Lover by J.R.Ward not only did the book introduce me to a great author I got to escape into a world of action and adventure in the Black Dagger Brother Hood Series and I developed an addition in the paranormal romance genre.

Linda Kwolek said...

I follow GFC as Linda Kwolek. I am most thankful for books because without books, I'm afraid we would forget how to imagine, pretend and play. I'n afraid without books, we amy become robotic in out ways of thinking. One book I am most thank ful for is The Hunger Games. It made me think what our future could be like.

Mara80 said...

I am thankful for The Twilight saga. Before reading the books I didn't like reading. I wouldn't even pick up a book. Then I got into all the hype and now you will not see me without a book in my hand. I have read over 300 books and own many books. I love reading now and am especially thankful to Stephanie Meyer for writing such great books and till this day am a huge fan. Thanks for giveaway!

GFC- Maritza Robinson
mararob80 at gmail dot com

Jolynn R said...

I'm thankful for books because it gets my mind off my health problems.

I'm one of your followers.

Jolynn_Reads yahoo

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for books because it gets my mind of things that are going on. Most books I read are LDS books.

Alisia said...

Im thankful for books because it helps me relax after a stressful day and it shows me that things can always work out in the end.

Aimee Brown said...

Books open up worlds and ideas and feeling. The educate, they entertain, they change the way you feel and think.

I could never name just one favorite book because there are just too many. Way, way too many.

Thanks for co-hosting this giveaway hop and thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

Old follower. :)

Jacklin updegraft said...

I'm a new follower! I am thankful for books because they give me an escape from the real world. They also let me feel not so alone in this world! One book I am thankful for is This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. That book has gotten me through a whole lot of stuff!

Devony said...

Thanks for the chance! I'm grateful for books because they provide faithful friends that never leave and teach you about who you are and who you want to be.
I'm a follower! Thanks!
GFC - Devony

Allyson said...

I am thankful for books because of the escape they can provide! How relaxing it is to curl up with good book and lose yourself in it! A good book can make your worries go away, lift your spirits, and brighten your day! I love books in general! I followed you by email and on pinterest! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

brbalways said...

Books are greater than Calgon for taking one away and providing escapes.

GFC - brbalways


Mary Preston said...

I'm thankful for books, because they entertain & educate.

Right now I am thankful for DODGER by Terry Pratchett.

GFC: Mary Preston


Sonya said...

I am thankful for books because they have always been my escape of choice.
Twilight will always be my favorite novel. Not because it is a literary masterpiece, but because of the amazing friends I made because of it. I read it when it first came out, found some friend to discuss it with online, and the rest is history.
Thanks for the giveaway!

sunday visitor said...

I am thankful to books for fueling my imagination, for helping me to empathize with others, for giving me another world to escape and explore. I am also thankful to books as because of them I’m never lonely and I learn new things all the time. I met my best friend thanks to books.

sunday visitor said...

One book, I'm most thankful for ,is TO Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Atticus Finch and Scout showed me slavery,racism,prejudice and I saw life in a whole new light.

Lolawid said...
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tragedy6996 said...

I am thankful for books because they allow me to escape to another world.

GFC tragedy6996

Megan said...

I'm thankful for books because they give me an escape from my day to day life.

AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

wanda f said...

I am thankful for books because they are my escape from the boring normalness and problems I have in every day life I can forget all about that stuff when I dive in to a great story.

wanda f said...

I am so greatful I can dive into a book and forget my problems

Jennifer said...

I'm thankful for books b/c they allow me to escape to another world any time I like for as long as I like.
Most grateful for the exciting adventure in Tiger's Curse.

GFC Jennifer

Tamera Westhoff said...

I love books, because I need a break from the craziness that is my life! It's my chance to breathe easier and look at things from a different point of view! I have too many favorites to list, just know that I LOVE all of my LDS Author book!

Caroline said...

awesome giveaway! I followed as Caroline. I'm thankful for books in general because they give me a break from my hectic schedule.

Ashley H. said...

I am thankful for books because they give me a way to escape from reality when everything gets to be too much.

The book I am most thankful for is the Harry Potter series because it was the series that got me interested in reading.
GFC Follower- Ashley Hurtt

Lolawid said...

Ok, let's try this again. ;o) I am thankful for books because I can travel to exotic places, time travel, meet paranormal creatures, and have my imagination stretched, all in the comforts of my own home!

The book that I am most grateful for is the Book of Mormon. I try to read it every day.

Thanks!! widsfam7 @ digis dot net

Lisa Faber said...

Books for me are an escape. I'm not much of a tv watcher, but I can be found every evening with a book. My favorite book of all time is The Book of Mormon. It has had the greatest impact on my life.

I follow on GFC ~ Bookworm Lisa

lisaisabookworm at gmail dot com

Katie Amanda said...

I'm thankful for books because they allow me to escape into a new and exciting world. I'm thankful for The Hunger Games because it opened my eyes to the dystopian genre. Thanks!
GFC: Katie Amanda

Courtney_Elena said...

I am thankful for books because they are my escape

pc said...

I'm thankful for books for the joy and hope, history and world, companionship and connection they bring people wherever, whoever and whatever age they may be. Books can make a's social media at its best and they've taken me to places I will probably never see except through an author's words or imagination.
There are so many books I have loved but one of my very early favorites is Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.

Holly Letson said...

Moreso than the books themselves, I am thankful to the people that get me books, the contests I win books from, the library that allows me to check out books, the places I download eBooks from, and the read-and-review services that give me the opportunity to read books before release. Anything that allows me to share my love of reading is special to me.

I’d like to thank my father for all the books he has bought me over the years, and my wonderful eBook reader as well.

I’d like to thank every blog I have entered a contest on, especially the ones I won books from.

I’d like to thank Amazon for all the FREE eBooks I downloaded there, and also the forums and LJ communities that shared books from my childhood as eBooks that I could not find elsewhere.

I’d like to thank each and every library in the Northeast Regional Library System in Mississippi, as I am sure that I—most likely—borrowed books from each one—at least, once—while living in the Corinth area for 29 years. I’d also like to thank the Decatur Public Library in Decatur, AL, since I have checked out—probably 200+—books from there in the past year and a half, not including the few I checked out from their sister library in Eva. And, the AL librarians have been nothing short of amazing, helpful at every opportunity.

I’d like to thank my fiance’, Tony, for getting me hooked on the *Bleach* manga series. I didn’t like it—at all—at first. But—because of him—I came to love it. And, I have never looked back.

I’d like to thank Edelweiss and NetGalley for allowing me to read books before their release dates, and to review them, hence sharing my love of reading with everyone else. Also, thanks go to Goodreads and tumblr. for allowing me to post my manga and book reviews on there for everyone to see.


And, above all, the highest and most sincere thanks goes out to each and every author (and mangaka!) that I have ever read a book by. (And, even those I have never read before, because I might read them someday, as well.) Because, without all the authors (and mangakas!), there would be no books (or mangas or graphic novels) for us to read. Each book I read is special to me in some way, so I cannot choose just one to be thankful for, but I am thankful to each and every author.


bookaholicholly at gmail . com

Emz said...

I'm thankful for books for a lot of reasons. They were my constant companion when I had no one else and they provided an escape from everyday life.

bookartstuff at gmail dot com

tracey said...

GFC follower traceyj40
im thankful for books because they take me to new places.
i most thankful for the sookie stackhouse seris of books for the great adventure they took me on.
traceyj40 at

Tabathia said...

I started reading when I was around 10/11 yo and I have been at it for around 30 years and as a shy kid it was a great escape and it still is and one of my favorite books are the Harry Potter series because it was more than about magic

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Stacey V said...

I am thankful for books giving me a fun break from reality. I love all of my books but my favorite is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb.


Krista Raven said...

I'm thankful for Pride and Prejudice because I love it so much!! Books are so wonderful!

GFC follower Krista

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Thankful for books b.c they provide an escape from reality. Most thankful for my family the most!

GFC Seyma S.

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Oops, Book most thankful
5 little monkeys b.c it is the one that makes my children laugh the most!

Tracy Reed said...

I am thankful for books because I can go to another time and place and live in someone elses's life for a while and leave mine behind.

Beckey said...

I am thankful for books since they are a way for me to escape and relax.

Following VIA:

GFC beckeywhite



/\Heather/\ said...

I'm thankful for books because I can escape from laundry and cleaning for a few moments without sweating and one book I am most thankful for is Pride and Prejudice. Communication works.

Roberta Hulse said...

as for one book, I just can't name one...........but I love the books that I have read of yours!! Hope to read more in the future.
contact me at
rmhulse78 at yahoo dot com

Monique said...

I am thankful for books because of their ability to transport me into places I wouldn't otherwise know.

I learned to read in a time before video games were hand held and enjoyed how an author's well-crafted words partnered with my imagination to provide the most exciting entertainment inside my own head. I loved exploring new places and times.

Madeleine L'Engle introduced me to to tesseracts and mitochondria--who knew how exciting those things could be? I loved spending time with Jo March, Laura Ingall's Wilder, Judy Blume and a host of others growing up. Ramona the Brave's enthusiasm to try new things was the inspiration for my MC, Ginnie West.

I find that the contemporary authors I meet through conferences and blog tours are a great source of inspiration to me as well. I feel privileged to learn and grow my craft from and with so many others doing the same.

I am thankful for books, and those who write them. :)

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