Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy Anniversary - Day #6

Hello, and welcome to Day #6 of my ten-year anniversary celebration!! You can leave a comment in the trail for this post and be entered to win three sci-fi novellas by Angie Lofthouse. Click here to read all the details about these awesome books.

Today I'll be answering more questions that have come in from readers. 

The first was asked yesterday when I told you a bit about my third published novel, Season of Sacrifice

Cindy asked: So how much of it is fiction and how much is historical record?

I answered: Everything that happens in the book is true, taken from the journals and life story left by Benjamin Perkins and his family members. I fictionalized dialogue and emotional reactions to the events, but by and large, it's based on fact.

Susan asked: Where do you get all your ideas?

I answered: Susan, honestly, they pop up all over the place. Snippets of news stories, overheard random bits of conversation, characters jumping into my head and talking to me, dreams I've had ... every aspect of life is a chance to gather ideas. I just keep my eyes and ears open and let my imagination take over from there.

Marsha asked: Where do you get the time?

I answered: Time is not gotten; time is carved out of rock.  I've given up some things in my life that I used to do and use the time for writing and editing instead. I delegate as much as I can, and I don't sleep like normal people. Some days I'm super productive, and some days I'm not. I also try to lump all my errands together into one trip so I'm not wasting time/gas, and I make my to-do lists faithfully. Beyond that ... there's some frantic scrambling going on. But let's not tell everyone else that, because I want to keep looking awesomely organized.

Jenica asked: How many books do you have to show for that ten years? Just want to make sure I have them all. :)

I answered: I have fourteen books and then two volumes of the Write It Right series. Those two are more like novellas - they're pretty short - so I don't count them in my final talley, even though they're books and I wrote 'em.

I'll be answering more of your questions in a couple of days. In the meantime, if you'd like to ask any, just leave a comment.

Be sure to check back here at midnight tonight ... okay, maybe like, five minutes after midnight ... to see who won the novellas by Angie Lofthouse, and don't forget that leaving a comment today gives you an entry. If you commented yesterday, all the better - that means you have two entries.

Thanks for celebrating my anniversary with me!!!


Fay Klingler said...

I know how difficult it is to carve that time to write. I admire your determination and drive.

Andrea said...

Would it be possible to list, in one place, all of your books in order of when they came out? It would be really helpful. And impressive, too. :-) I know you're featuring those books throughout this celebration, so maybe later on in the month, if you don't want to draw attention to them now?

I'm enjoying the information you give in each of these posts. :-)

Tamera Westhoff said...

Yes, time is certainly carved out of a rock! I can't imagine!

Cindy said...

Thanks for answering those questions. I appreciate you sharing your tips and being so candid about your writing. I'm looking forward to looking for some of your older books at my local library.

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