Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary Day #12

Hallo, all!

A reminder that at midnight tonight, I'll be drawing the winner of Carolyn Frank's e-book Promises.  Click here to learn more about the prize, and tell all your friends because friends don't let friends run out of stuff to read!

After I self-published Bless Your Heart, my third Secret Sisters Mystery came out with Walnut Springs. This was in August of 2011.

ISBN: 978-1599928005
LDS cozy mystery

When Ida Mae Babbitt receives an invitation to visit her son Keith's dude ranch in Montana, she's excited to mend their broken relationship, but not so excited about spending time with cows. Arlette and Tansy go along with her, ready to take a vacation that does not involve dead bodies or mysteries of any sort - one must have a break from time to time. But it seems a no-good scoundrel has moseyed into Dodge City and is bent on causing all sorts of trouble for the ranch. Unable to keep her curiosity in check - especially when it seems her own son is the most likely culprit - Ida Mae decides to investigate. Can she lasso the varmint and get him to the sheriff in time?

You can purchase Hang 'Em High at    Click here to read reviews of Hang 'Em High

The funny thing to me is the confusion that seems to have arisen over the title of the book. It makes perfect sense to me - in the Old West, they'd catch horse thieves and hang them, and if they were really angry, they'd say to hang them high to lessen their chance of escape and also to serve as a message to other thieves. It's a cowboy term, and it fits my story perfectly because the victims in this book are horses.  And yet for some reason, a couple of people have thought that I was referring to the practice undertaken by the KKK in the South. Absolutely not. I would never use that as the premise for a book, especially a comedy, so I'm just making that clear right up front. But you guys are readers, you know cowboy stuff, so you probably knew what we meant already, right?  :)

Be sure to leave a comment before midnight tonight to be entered to win Carolyn's book, and please head on back tomorrow to learn about our next prize! Remember, every time you enter all month long, you are adding up entries for the grand prize as well!


Andrea said...

I love the cover for this book. :-) And I knew what you meant about "Hang 'Em High." I think it's the perfect title - totally fits the book's location and everything. Some people are just going to look everywhere for issues like that.

Roberta Hulse said...

This looks like a wonderful book!! I'd love to read it!! Thanks for your blog and Congrats on your anniversary..........I think it's GREAT!!!
I LOVE the books that I have read of yours!! Keep up the GREAT work!!
Contact me at rmhulse78 at yahoo dot com.

Mary Preston said...

HANG 'EM HIGH is a great title. No confusion here at all. My mind went straight to Western.


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