Saturday, March 24, 2012

9:00 Contest

Hey there,

Amazon has finally posted my sales rank.  Right now I'm in the #33,000 bracket, but I'm #56 in Mormonism, which is awesome! Please keep helping me spread the word and if you are so inclined to purchase the book for Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts, or for yourself, that would be great!

This is the second-to-last contest of the day - at 11:00, we'll be discussing the Grand Prize, which will be given away at midnight. Remember that every mini contest you enter puts you in for another entry for the Grand Prize!

The winner of the 7:00 contest is Nicole!

For our prizes this time around ...

First off, you will receive a hard copy of Fool's Gold, donated by author Shirley Bahlmann.

Single mother Mattie Jones’ life is already full with two children, marriage plans, a fianc√©, a huge dog, and an eccentric neighbor. Then her sister drops in unannounced with their nine-year-old nephew, Kenny, who has Down’s Syndrome. Since Kenny’s mother is being treated for a nervous breakdown, Mattie takes in her unexpected visitors. But soon Kenny becomes a key player in a life or death drama instigated by an itinerant preacher named Cyrus - a man who has already rocked the faith and shaken the marriage of Mattie's friend, Laney. Now Cyrus sees in Kenny a pure and guiltless spirit that he is determined to protect and nurture, no matter what. 

With mounting apprehension, Mattie follows a chain of events that ultimately threatens the very lives of those she loves. Will her love be strong enough to carry her beyond the limits of endurance and save them in time? 

Next, you'll get to choose any digital scrapbooking item you like from Designz by DeDe.

In addition, you'll get to choose any item you like from Miles Ahead Learning.

That's three prizes all wrapped up in one contest ... not too shabby, eh?

How to Enter to Win:

1. Repost this contest to Facebook - let's see if we can get me higher than #33,000!

2. If you aren't on Facebook, tell a friend about my new book.  Gotta hurry and catch them before they go to bed, though ... it's getting late!

3. Leave me a comment and tell me what you've done, and also tell me which of my books so far is your favorite and why. Helps me know what to write more of in future!

If you need a reminder of the Grand Prize, click here.

And if you need a reminder for how to order my book and get two free prizes, click here.

See ya at 11:00 with some more Tristi Trivia and a breakdown of that Grand Prize!


Lynn Parsons said...

Tristi-You have some awesome prizes!

Tamera Westhoff said...

I would still love to win! Pick me, pick me!

NoSurfGirl said...

Hey...Can I join? Posted the link to your launch on Facebook...hope you heal fast!

Pam D said...

I agree - great prizes!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I do, don't I, Lynn?

Tamera, it's all chosen by, but I'll send some vibes its way!

Yes, NoSurfGirl - welcome aboard!

Donna K. Weaver said...

#56 in Mormon? Excellent. Well done, Tristi. A lot of work here.

Dina said...

sorry, but I have not had the chance to read your books yet, just found you today. :)

posted on FB

Dina said...

sorry, but I have not had the chance to read your books yet, just found you today. :)

posted on FB

Andrea said...

Yay for Tristi! That's so awesome! Posted on Facebook, and told my mom about the contest. She's got a lot going on with my grandpa, and might not be able to come join, but she's rooting for you!

Also, you already know Dearly Departed is my favorite. I felt like it bubbled with humor the entire way throughout. Plus infiltrating a nursing home is seriously one of the funniest things I've heard of. :-) Target in Ties is a close second. That goat trading for gasoline was awesome!

Good luck! Fingers crossed for you! :-)

Bonnie Gwyn said...

Great job Tristi! Posted to Facebook. :) And as far as books are concerned, I find it impossible to pick favorites, because everything has something special. But, I will say this much! You'll win my heart again and again with historical novels. :)

Tapper said...

I got a copy, hoping to push those midnight sales. Good luck! Can't wait to read.

Mindy said...

I told my awesome Mom inaw about your books, she's excited to read them! My fav so far is Hang Em High slightly after that is first Secret Sisters. Laughed my head off. Sorry just getting here. Been at dance comps all day. :)

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