Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome to My Online Book Launch Party!!

You all know how much I love a good launch party ... what you might not know is that I'm laid up with a stress fracture in my left foot, and I have a cast and everything. It's kind of hard to party in a cast, so I made a decision: if I can't come to the party, I'll bring the party to me!

How This Works:

Every two hours from now until midnight, I'll be posting some fun Tristi trivia questions and answers, holding mini contests, and giving away awesome prizes.  At the end of the day, everyone who has participated will be entered to win the Grand Prize. It's that simple!

The Book Launch:

And because it's a book launch party, I'll be telling you all about my new release, Women of Strength, and inviting you to purchase it by clicking here.  It's not in stores yet - at least, that I know of, and I'm in a cast, so there could be a lot going on out there that I don't know about - and you'll be among the first to get a copy! What's awesome is that Amazon just lowered the price - it used to be $13.99, but right now it's only $11.89.

Additional Prizes:

In addition to the drawings every two hours, you will receive two prizes that I think are pretty awesome!  Each person who purchases a copy of Women of Strength today, March 24th, will receive two PDFs - one for my novel Season of Sacrifice, and one for my low-sodium cookbook, Bless Your Heart. Those two books have a retail value of $27.00 - that's pretty cool, if you ask me!  All you need to do is forward me a copy of your receipt from purchasing Women of Strength at this link and I will send you those files.

So, to Be Clear:

1. Enter the contests throughout the day. You don't have to enter every single one of them, so no worries if you don't want to sit at the computer all day long - just stop by as you can. You could win prizes!

2. Purchase a copy of Women of Strength and e-mail me your receipt. You will receive two prizes!

3. At the end of the day, all contest participants will be entered to win the Grand Prize. You could win prizes!

(Did you notice the very high likelihood of winning prizes?)

Now, let me tell you a little about Women of Strength.

I've written over 3,000 nonfiction articles, but this is my first nonfiction book, aside from my low-sodium cookbook. The backliner reads:

The need for courageous, faithful women has never been greater than it is today. As we draw nearer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we are faced with temptations on every side. But we can prevail as we gain true strength from living the gospel. 

In Women of Strength, Tristi Pinkston shares inspiring stories, as well as insightful quotes from Church leaders, to demonstrate the power and influence of righteous women. This book invites women everywhere to deepen their relationship with the Savior, rely on the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and learn what it really means to be strong. 

"If you are a woman who has wondered if you matter, if you are a woman who is concerned about the world, if you are a woman who has ever felt lost, afraid, or defeated . . . you need Women of Strength by Tristi Pinkston. When you read this book, you will discover your true worth, learn just how valuable you are, and find ways to turn the tide of evil flooding our world today." --C.S. Bezas, author and motivational speaker

"Every Latter-day Saint woman can be reinvigorated, inspired, and uplifted by reading this book. It is a compendium of wise counsel intended just for us and especially for our times. You may even wish to keep it around to reread whenever you need spiritual nourishment and an added awareness of your own power." --Susan Aylworth, author

This book was written especially for Latter-day Saint women, and is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Thursdays - and for yourself. At this price, you can pick up one for each of the special women in your life.

Stay tuned for today's first contest ...


Dina said...

waiting for my new nook, so only books for now. :)

Tapper said...

Congratulations! I'm tuned in.

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