Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: Depth of Deceit by Betty Briggs

Stephanie Saunders is a defense attorney, and she doesn't always have the ability to choose her clients - her boss does that for her.  When she's asked to defend Josh Durrant, a scruffy-looking accused abuser, she doesn't want to take the case, but she knows it's either do it, or lose her job.  She's worked hard to overcome her "Barbie" looks and prove she's smart, and she doesn't want to throw away everything she's invested in her career.

But soon the stress of the case becomes overwhelming and she finds herself seeking solace in the only place where she can really find it - at the stables, with her horse.  Josh follows her there, intruding on her sanctuary.

She turns to her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, who is determined to be there for her at all costs ... but before long, she starts to notice that things just aren't right.  Not at work, not with her relationship, and not with herself.  Unraveling all the cords and making sense of them will shatter all her beliefs and force her to rely on herself like never before.

Betty Briggs weaves an intriguing story with Depth of Deceit, her new adult suspense novel.  You can purchase it here, and visit Betty's website here.  Happy reading!

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