Monday, March 14, 2011

30-Day Organizing Challenge Update

You'll all recall this post about my desire to get more organized and to make more room for good things in my life, right?  Well, go read it ... I'll wait ...

Are you back?  Okay, 'cause it's time for an update.

The first few days of Chalene Johnson's challenge were spent talking about the importance of goal setting, etc.  I was a little disappointed at that - I already know how to goal set, and I was ready to get into some real meat right off the bat.  But then I realized that for many people, having a slow introduction was best, so I did the small daily assignments and just waited for the really good stuff.

That started for me when we were assigned to make our to-do list.  Chalene, the teacher, said to write down every single thing that needed to be done and that was preying on our minds, and then to go through and mark them for "must do today or there will be disastrous consequences" or "must do this week" or "must do soon." Then you take the really heavy-duty stuff, put it on that day's list, and then throw on a few things that will help get you to your major goals.  When you've done everything on your list, you're done for the day and you can play.  Anything that comes to mind that you need to do goes on your to-do list to add on to the next day - or that day, if it's majorly important.

I have to say, that first day, I really felt the power of organization.  I got so much done that day, I can't even tell you.  Little things I'd been meaning to do suddenly found themselves done.  I finished an edit, I got some housework done, my kids actually got my full attention ... it was great.  I went to bed that night feeling empowered.

I'm sorry to say that the next morning, I wasn't feeling ultra healthy, and I lost a little of my groove.  But I worked the system all week, and I really think I got a lot more done than I ever would have on my own.  You write down everything that comes to mind, and then you organize it and get it done in a time frame that makes the most sense.

I just got done making my to-do list for tomorrow.  I will feel very accomplished when I cross everything off it - I'm really looking forward to having that feeling of success again.


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Congrats on your progress so far! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristi- we had a blast podcasting with you! You are going LIVE today with interview #1.
Your mom was cute and fun too. I especially loved being toilet papered, LOL, although I have a feeling you guys even used my own toilet paper. Too funny!
I really liked this post and it makes me realize I need to get more organized- thanks again, Lilly

Tristi Pinkston said...

Actually, it wasn't your toilet paper - my mom had two cases in the trunk of her car. :) That was completely coincidental - she doesn't usually travel armed. She'd been to the store earlier in the day and just hadn't unloaded yet ... how could we resist such an opportunity? :)

Karlene said...

Great post! I felt/feel that same way too. The thing with this way of doing it is that when you're sick, you know there are only one or two things that HAVE to get done. Then you don't worry about the rest until you're feeling better.

Also, that first part was key for me because I realized that my priorities had changed -- from those of being a mother of dependent children to those of being a mother to adults and free to follow a new life path.

Rebecca said...

I've been working on organization here too. I've done lists here and there, but right now (except for meal and school lists) what seems to work best is doing whatever is bugging me most at the moment.

My only rules right now are a load of laundry a day, and getting the dishes done. Then I get to choose what cleaning project in the house to work on.

CL Beck, author said...

Okay, I was really excited about taking this course at the same time as you and Karlene ... and then my hubby had gall bladder surgery on the day after it started.

So much for that!

Anyway, it sounds like it's been worthwhile and you've gotten a lot from it. Hurray for you, Tristi! :)

(Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, too. You're the best!)

Anonymous said...

Wow- that could not have been more perfect!! You gals Rock! Thanks for the fun memory :)

Lois D. Brown said...

Hi Tristi,

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Rebecca Talley said...

I'm a list person. I have to-do lists for each day so I get thos ethings accomplised (usually) but i can't seem to get to the huge projects like cleaning out the basement, organizing food storage, or dejunking the garage.

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