Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Must. Get. Organized!

Show of hands ... who here would be surprised if I said I'm a busy person?  What? No takers?  Why aren't you surprised at my admission? Is is the book writing, the editing, the homeschooling, the media reviews, the whole Cubmaster thing, the online writing instruction, the virtual book tours ... what could I possibly have done to give away my little secret?

My secret is actually this ... I'm doggy-paddling, and not very well. I'm actually sort of scrambling from thing to thing, and I need to learn how to organize my life better.

That's why when I saw Karlene's blog post about a 30-day organizing challenge, I was all over it like butter on hot toast.  I wanted to give it a try for myself, and so that's what I'm doing.  Starting March 1st and going through the entire month, I'm going to take steps toward reorganizing my life.  I'm really excited to get started. Here's the link to the system I'll be trying, called the 30-day Push.

I'm going to be posting about it every so often, and letting you know how it works for me.  Stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Lee Ann Setzer said...

Hey, a one-month organizing system. Sounds great, I only I can keep from getting distracted...mmmm, butter on hot toast....

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