Monday, November 22, 2010

Making Friends Monday

Good morning, and welcome to Making Friends Monday!  I’m sorry I didn’t post a new MFM blog last Monday … it was a crazy day.  It had something to do with my getting a new publishing contract with Walnut Springs or something like that.  But I’m back now to introduce you to three new friends.

Our first blogger today is a lady I’ve known for a number of years.  Rebecca Talley is a tall, beautiful woman with really gorgeous hair.  (No, this is not me being jealous.  I promise. Well, maybe a little.) She has been blogging for about three years and she says, “I blog about life, my big, crazy family, being a city girl on a farm, current events, things I’m passionate about, and the insanity of trying to write books while raising kids.”  That sounds like a pretty well-rounded blog to me!

She also says, “I’m the mother of ten kids, I have a donkey named Starla, I’m the author of a children’s picture book and three novels, and I have a son with Down syndrome.  I eat too much chocolate, hate ironing, and love to swim in the ocean.  My favorite color is turquoise.”

I wonder if that’s her favorite color because it reminds her of the ocean.

Rebecca has a novel coming out in January called “The Upside of Down.”  Be sure to go meet her – you’ll be glad you did.

Next is Debs Willson.  I forget exactly how we met.  We just sort of gravitated toward each other on Facebook and now we happily message each other back and forth across the pond. That’s right – she’s from England, which makes it convenient when I’m up in the middle of the night and want someone to annoy.

She says, “I have been blogging for about ten years now, not one of them consistent, but that’s how I roll sometimes.  I generally blog about family, religion, day-to-day rambles and anything that is homemaking/craftsy that I think is worth yapping about.

“I work on two blogs (well, there’s more, but these are the main two!) my personal waffle and the new homemaking diary.

“I wear odd socks and odd gloves.  Makes them more fun to wear.  I love books.  I buy them and then look at them for hours—okay, not hours, but I do keep glancing at them in admiration. I’m a wannabe writer.  I will do anything for a jaffa cake and/or a donut.  Anything.  I have no shame.

“And I’m cool.  I think I am cool.  I hope I am cool.  Sheesh, AM I cool?!!

“I don’t do much in life without humor. It’s my coping mechanism through anything.

“I do love to make friends.  Shame that the best ones are overseas!

Other Random Facts:

Debs says she’s a geek and a nerd, and she loves that about herself.  She loves to share the gospel and learn about other people, believers and nonbelievers. And she never goes to sleep until she has completed at least three crosswords.

Now that is dedication.

Our last blogger for today is new to Blogland, so let’s give her a huge shout-out and make her feel really welcome.  It’s like having someone new move in to the neighborhood!  Her name is Maria Hoagland, and she blogs mainly about running (which she does) and type-one diabetes (which she has).  She’s an author, too, so her blog will also talk about writing.  Her first novel, “Nourish and Strengthen,” is LDS women’s fiction and is currently seeking a home, while she’s busy working on her second novel.

As I’m over here checking out her blog, I can see that she’s figured out how to get it up and running—it looks great.  I love the colors she chose.  I’m also vastly impressed by her accounts of running (I don’t run, ever—unless one of my children is dashing across a parking lot in front of a moving car, and then I tend to fall flat on my face … true story) and her accounts of learning to live life to its fullest with diabetes.  It’s really a very inspirational blog and I think you should all head over there. Right. This. Minute.

Thanks again for joining me today.  Next Monday will be our last Making Friends Monday installment for a little while.  You can still sign up to play, but I won’t be posting them until January.  Why, do you ask? I will tell you!  Because the whole entire month of December will be devoted to the biggest, baddest, most brilliant blog contest ever in the universe!  You’ve just gotta hang out with me every day all December long for your chance at dragging home the loot.  Talk to ya later. 


SugarScribes said...

I am certainly glad I found you. I am pretty new at blogging ( I started a few months back) but nothing consistent as family kept interrupting. I don't mind family interruptions. My family comes first, but all if good on the homefront so hopefully I will be able to stick with it this time. With you I not only found a really cool blog to follow, but you also introduce new blogger friends each week. What a bonus. I will continue reading your blog and look forward to Jan. when you start back up with "Making friends Monday".

I read your bio and you really have alot on your plate. I admire you already

Happy Thanksgiving

Rebecca Talley said...

Well, you are very kind and you totally just made my day!! Thanks for including me in your MFM!

Mormon Surrogate said...

This is really cool. What a fun thing to do.

P.S. How can I get a Thanksgiving background?

Tristi Pinkston said...

Good to meet you too, SugarScribes!

Mormon Surrogate, go to one of the blog template sites listed on my sidebar. When you find the one you like, go into your blogger dashboard and click on design. Then hit "add a gadget." Click on "html." Copy and paste the code from that template into that html box, and presto! There you go. I like to change my blog template about once a week, because I'm weird like that. :)

Mormon Surrogate said...

For some reason I didn't see it. Cool. I am into stuff like that too, but my friend designed my original blog layout and I'm afraid to lose what she did... although I've messed with parts of it.


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