Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Announcement from Tristi

Ever since March 16th, the day when Secret Sisters was released, I have received roughly ten e-mails or IMs per week asking me when the sequel will be published.  Up until now, I've had no idea what to say.  But now, my dear readers, I have an answer to your question.

Secret Sisters #2 will be released in early January.  That's right - you have roughly six weeks to wait.  I just signed the contract with Walnut Springs today, and they are putting a rush on the procedure in order to bring it out at the first of the year. As soon as I have a picture of the cover, I'll post it, and keep you apprised of the progress.

In the meantime, we are partying over here at the Pinkstons!

And that means it's a party for you, too.  Keep a close eye on this blog as I announce contests, drawings, giveaways, opportunities for madness and mayhem, and much, much more!

Let's kick this off right:

Nothing says happy like Snoopy + bunnies.


Anonymous said...

How VERY exciting! What an awesome accomplishment. I'm new to your blog, and to your writing, but I'm eager to get to know you. I'm bookmarking this so I can keep in close touch.

And hooray again!! The Pinkstons SHOULD definitely celebrate!!!

Shari said...

I was so picturing you as Snoopy and the bunnies as your family. I am still laughing.


Lee Ann Setzer said...

Congratulations! I regaled my presidency with tales of Ida May, and can't wait to read more about her...

Debbie Davis said...

i am soo happy for you! this is such exciting news! you soo deserve all the great things that are happening for you!

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