Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm a Lucky, Lucky Girl!

A little while back, I commented on Sandra's blog in the midst of a contest, and I lucked out and won the prize. Awesomeness! Sandra makes these really beautiful hand-painted bracelets that are literally works of art to wear around with you. The prize was one of her bracelets, but I have a problem. I love her work - I think it's gorgeous. But I can't wear stuff on my wrists. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I was scared by a bracelet as a child. Maybe my nightmares were about watches. I don't know what it is. All I know is that having anything on my wrist drives me out of my bloomin' mind. I can't stand the feel of anything on there. I even got a little clip to go on my purse that's a clock so I still know what time it is, even though I can't wear a watch.

Sandra, bless her heart, didn't want me to be prize-less. Look what she made me instead:Aren't these gorgeous? I think what I like best is that they are so very me. That's the great thing about custom jewelry - it's so personal. What's even more awesome is that I only told Sandra a color - burgundy - and she did the rest. Now, I don't know if she reads everyone that well, or if she just hit the nail on the head with me because she knows me, but either way, I was really amazed at how much I identify with these earrings.

Now, I want you all to run over to Sandra's blog and look at all her pretties. Get 'em for yourself, for gifts, just for fun ... you'll be delighted with your purchase.

Disclaimer: Sandra didn't know I was writing this blog when she sent me the earrings, and she would have sent them to me even if I didn't write a blog, and I would love Sandra even if she didn't send me earrings. I think that covers all the FTC bases ...


Sandra said...

I am so glad you like them, Tristi. I always worry when I do a custom piece whether the person will like it or think it is lame.

For those people that I do not know, I ask a lot of questions about color, size, likes/dislikes, interest.... Or I base the design on a piece of their clothing, favorite painting, garden...

When I make a piece, usually the beads, or the bangle tells me what it wants to be, just like your beads did. I was out of burgandy beads so I went to the store and these called your name. I had something in mind, but when I got home and opened my kit, this is what the beads said they wanted to be.

You can find me at my blog that is linked to my name in this comment, or at
where I will be starting a Christmas in July sale towards the end of this next week.

(sorry I don't know how to make links in a comment)

elizabeth mueller said...

Tristi, thank you for posting this! They are very beautiful works of art <3

Rachelle said...

Woot! You are lucky I just gave you a brand new blog award launched today at
RachelleWrites Hope you enjoy it!

Debs said...

Now if you EVER want to rehome those gorgeous babies then please feel free to mail me!! ;)

seriously, they are beautiful and sandra is so kind to have switched the prize!!

Debs xx

Karlene said...

Those are gorgeous!

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