Monday, May 10, 2010

Interview with Awesome Authors C. L. Beck and D. N. Giles

Today I’m joined by authors C.L. Beck (known to me as Cindy) and D. N. Giles (known to me as Nichole). These kind ladies were good enough to follow me around as I did my housework. I just don’t seem to have time to break away to do exotic interviews any more.

Me: (pulling clothes out of the dryer) How did you get the idea for your book?

Cindy: (holding the basket for me) I've been known to say it happened when the moon was full, Aquarius was on the cusp, and the chickens were molting. But other than that, it was an idea that formed over years of having funny bishops. I started writing down anecdotes, then tossing the ideas and format for a book back and forth with Nichole. She's a genius. Well, actually, I think she's a mermaid because she loves tropical islands, but a mermaid in the guise of a genius. And we didn't actually toss the ideas back and forth in person, but through email. Ah yes, bless that little cotton picker. No, not Nichole, bless that little cotton picker, email.

Nichole: (looking a little put off at the suggestion that she is a mermaid, but flicking her pretty sparkly tail) Well, I suppose I should blame Cindy. It's all her fault. But not really, because a person can't help but be funny when you live with a dog named Corky-Porky-Pie, and when you're funny, you tend to have brilliant ideas. Like this one.

Me: (setting the basket on the couch and heading back for the laundry room, dodging a pile of Legos in the middle of the floor) How did you come to choose each other for co-authors?

Cindy: (pausing to pick up a sandwich crust and throwing it away) We came to know each other online, at Authors Incognito, and a friendship evolved from there. Deciding to become co-authors was a natural progression. Sorta like becoming Siamese twins. Or something.

Nichole: (grabbing the broom and starting to sweep) Siamese twins? Hm. I never thought about it that way. Can Siamese twins be born in separate years? Is that possible? Sure, we look a bit different, but we could be twins, right? Right. And yes, Authors Incognito really does rock.

Me: (shoving wet clothes into the dryer) What was your favorite part about working together?

Cindy: (starting to fold the clothes that just came out of the dryer, then realizing she has no idea what clothes belong to who, so she settles for working on the towels) Nichole has offered to buy me a super industrial-sized box of Twinkies. What more could one ask for in a co-author?

Nichole: (flipflopping on her pretty sparkly tail over to the sink, where she starts to rinse the dishes, but she keeps getting distracted by the soap bubbles) Cindy always makes me laugh, even when I'm feeling blue. Really blue. Because my pen broke and ink spilled all over my hands, then I accidentally wiped them on my face and...oh wait. That isn't supposed to be literal, is it? Can I have one of your Twinkies, Cindy?

(Cindy shakes her head emphatically)

Me: (happily listening to the sound of the clothes washer starting up, and happily listening to the lack of my children fighting down the hall) Was it hard to find contributors?

Cindy: (reaching out to catch the stack of folded towels before it falls over) Oh no, not at all. We had plenty of people who sent emails saying things like, "I is an writer, and here bees my super writings. Ma and Pa and Aunt Earlene loved it and yous all will two." But, we were very picky, and finding contributors who didn't smoke a corn cob pipe, chew tobaccy, and swill white lightning was a little harder.

All kidding aside, we're very proud of our contributors, their stories, and the quality of the writing in Mormon Mishaps and Mischief. We had very strict standards for what went into the book.

Nichole: (her long, mermaidy hair flowing over her shoulders) Yes, what Cindy said. And also, we're grateful to our contributors as well. Without them, our book wouldn't be nearly as well-rounded. And that's what makes it fun.

Me: (standing at the fridge, trying to decide what to start making for dinner, being clueless, wondering if I can justify pizza again, realizing I can’t, feeling glum about that, and grabbing some hamburger) If you had to choose between being boiled to death or being frozen to death, what would you take?

Cindy: (clasping her hands together with glee) I would take being fricasseed, because with my last breath I could say, "I'll be fricasseeing ya!" Oh ... wait. Didn't I just hear that line on a TV show? Okay, in that case I'll take being boiled, because with my final breath I could say, "I am just sooooo HOT!"

Nichole: (gently taking me by the elbow and steering me away from kitchen knives, the stove, and every other potentially dangerous implement) What kind of question is that? Are you saying you want to kill me? And if you are, why are you making me choose? Fine. I think...I hate freezing, but I think I'd rather freeze than boil. Less pain for wimpy me.

Me: (pausing to fluff my hair in the reflection of my now-gleaming front room window—thanks for scrubbing it for me, Cindy) Who is your very favorite historical-fiction-turned-contemporary-cozy-mystery-writer in the whole world?

Oh, gosh. Umm. Who could that be? (Cindy says, while thoughtfully tapping her noggin.) Okay, got it. It's TRISTI PINKSTON, the terrific writer who penned Secret Sisters. And she's a wonderful person to boot!

Nichole: (waving her hand wildly, flipping salty seawater everywhere, and then grabbing the mop to clean it up) I know, I know! It's you. Tristi Pinkston. (You can pay me that bribe money later.)

Me: (patting my pockets) Thanks—I seem to be fresh out of cash right now. I’ll make it up to you.

Thanks for stopping by, letting me interview you, and helping me with my housework. I notice neither of you went into my bathrooms or my sons’ room.

Cindy: You’re welcome. But you didn’t think we would really go in there, did you? (she shudders)

Nichole: Thanks for the interview! It was fun. But, um, I couldn’t go down the hall because … my flippers don’t work on carpet. Yeah, that’s it. I’m carpet-challenged. (whispering to Cindy) Think she bought it?

Cindy: (whispering back) She’s got sort of a dopey look on her face, so I think she’s oblivious.

Nichole: (whispering back to the whispering back) Either that, or she’s mentally concocting a new recipe for fish soup. Let’s get outta here.

You can pick up Cindy and Nichole’s new book at LDS bookstores everywhere, or by clicking on this awesome little box.

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mormonhermitmom said...

Ha! Good one!

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks, Tristi! That was fun.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Interviewing and housecleaning all in one swipe! Talk about efficient! I look forward to reading the book. BTW,is it soup yet? (mumbling in background...sounds a little fishy to me)

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

What a fun interview! I wish I could have been there!

Keith Fisher said...

Great interview. Makes me bow to your greatness.

CL Beck, author said...

Tristi: Thanks so much for being a part of our tour, for running the contest, and for posting your interview!

And if you do come up with that recipe for fish soup ... well, don't send any of it my way! :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I have several copies of this book - one for each of my kids. =) They all really love it and LOL. They've even tried to take it to church with them to read during sacrament. Probably not the most reverent idea, though. =)

I follow your blog, I follow the LDS Humor blog, and I follow the YLDSN blog. Thanks!

Jojomama said...

Great blog!

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