Saturday, May 08, 2010

Another Book Review

I just got this fun review from prolific author Shirley Bahlmann:

"I have read several of Tristi Pinkston's books, and she just keeps getting better! "Secret Sisters" has a cast of unlikely sleuths who, in the process of discovering a crime, also discover truths about themselves. Ida Mae Babbitt seems competent in her role as Relief Society President, but the pages unfold to reveal her own lesson learned of not judging others. The rest of the supporting characters offer delightfully diverse personalities, motivations, and humor, such as "I was giving thought to rigging semaphore flags with two napkins and a couple of long breadsticks..." and in a moment of imminent peril, "She raised her skillet high. Arlette's knitting needles were at the ready..." They ultimately tie up the bad guys with knitting yarn, and literally "shove a sock in it" when one of the bad guys won't stop talking.

This detective book is not to be confused with the hard-nosed adventures of, say, Sam Spade, but is a wonderful trip into a quiet, Mitford-like world with the surprising addition of spyware, villains, and nice old ladies determined to let no crime go unpunished."

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