Monday, March 15, 2010

Contests and Contests and Contests ... Oh, My!!

What an awesome and exciting night!

First of all, many thanks to those who came by and entered Rachelle Christensen's Scrapbox and Wrong Number Giveaway. How fun to make new friends, and I hope you all come back and hang out!

The winner of my blog's prize, a copy of my novel Agent in Old Lace, is Annette D. Congratulations, Annette! Please be looking in your e-mail for a note from me asking for your contact information so I can mail you this book. I hope you enjoy it!

Second, I want to thank everyone who participated in my Secret Sisters contest. Between you all, I had 185 entries! Wow - that is seriously impressive. I wish I could give each and every one of you a grand prize, but I can't. *sniff* I will tell you, though, who won.

Winner of the Grand Prize - Jenn Wilks!!

Winner of copy #1 of Secret Sisters - Suzanne, whose name is also Estelle Malloy (I haven't figured that one out yet)

Winner of copy #2 of Secret Sisters - Krista Lynn Jensen

Winner of copy #3 of Secret Sisters - Jolynn Rood

Ladies, I will be in touch with each of you.

Thanks so much, everyone, for participating! This has been so much fun, and I hope it was for you, too.

Now, don't forget to come hang out with me and four of my author friends at Barnes and Noble at the Gateway tonight at 6:30 - 8:00!!


Queen of Chaos said...

Yeah to the winners!!

Krista said...

Hooray!!! Thanks, Tristi, I can't wait!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Woot! Go, Tristi! Have a fabulous time tonight. I totally wish we still lived in Utah so I could come. =( Love you!

Jolynn_Reads said...

Lucky me, I won Secret Sisters!
Good Luck tonight Tristi, you'll do Great!

Jen said...

Hope your party went well last night! Sorry I missed it.

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