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Book Review: The Sharp Edge of a Knife by D. N. Giles

The year is 1958. Mel Peterson and his wife, Jeneal, are expecting their sixth child. She's a devoted homemaker, and he is a teacher for The Church of Latter-day Saints. They both work hard, love their family, and believe whole-heartedly in their faith. But one day, that faith was tested to its very core.

On his way to work, Mel stopped to pick up two hitchhikers, not knowing they were refugees from the law. They pulled out a knife, and Mel became a hostage in a carjacking.

The next several hours were grueling as Mel struggled to understand his captors and to say the words that would keep them calm. Back at home, Jeneal felt something wasn't right, and wondered what could be happening to make her feel so ill at ease.

Offering countless prayers for guidance and deliverance, Mel's life was spared as his captors took last-minute pity on him and left him in the desert rather than slitting his throat, which had been their original plan.

This novel by D. N. Giles is remarkable in many ways.

First, it's the true story of her grandfather, told as closely to his original account as possible. D. N. did a tremendous amount of research in the telling of her story, even going so far as to conduct a phone interview with one of the kidnappers, now out of jail. She even included newspaper clippings from the event.

Second, it's written in such a way that you really believe you've stepped into the 1950's. The use of language, from the sentence structure to the colloquialisms, speaks of a by-gone era. D. N. used speech patterns traditionally used by her grandfather to bring his character in the book to life.

Third, the story is simply compelling. To see the faith of this humble man as he is driven across the desert, having no idea what is to become of him but trusting in the God who made him, and retaining his dignity ... it was very inspirational. And in the end, it was the strength of Mel's character that saved his life, as his kidnappers showed their respect for him by not following through on their original intentions for him.

I applaud D. N. for the time and devotion she gave to this book, as well as the respect and honor she paid to her grandparents by telling their story. "The Sharp Edge of a Knife" is a job very well done.

Now, read this important information from author D. N. Giles!!

The Sharp Edge of a Knife Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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You may enter this contest here, as well as on any of the tour posts at the following blogs:

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Jen said...

Sounds interesting!

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks Tristi. Can't wait to see what you thought of the book.


Nichole Giles said...

Okay, now that the full review is up, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

1. I definitely would choose the critique group opportunity.
2. I follow you on twitter.
3. I follow Nichole on twitter.
4. I twittered about this contest.
5. I facebooked about this contest.
6. I fanned the Sharp Edge on facebook.

Holy cow can you tell I want to win? LOL!

Carol L. said...

I really enjoyed your review Tristi. Thank you.
I am following your blog. I also went to Lisa's and would love # 16 if I won.
Carol L.

Taffy said...

I'm so happy for you ladies!
I'm a follower of you and Nicole.
I think I am with Twitter also.
I wouldn't mind winning a watch but the critique group would be loads of fun.

Ben Hutchins said...

If I win, I would choose the critique session because I've got two novels that I'm polishing up,getting ready to start submitting.

1. I follow your blog
2. I've entered the contest on my blog:
3. I am following you on twitter
4. I am following nicholegiles on twitter

Taffy said...

I blogged the contest:

Taffy said...

I twittered

Taffy said...

And I'm a fan of the book on FB!
Now, if I can just read it...

Taffy said...

I put the contest on FB!/profile.php?id=1155081778&ref=mf

Taffy said...

Oh! And I follow both of you on twitter

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