Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surprise Packages Blog Tour

Organizing a virtual book tour is almost as fun as going on one myself, so I've had a wonderful time the last several weeks putting together a tour for Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke and Carroll Morris, authors of the Deseret Book trilogy, "The Company of Good Women." The third book in the series is now out and available for purchase, so we're hitting the Internet to spread the word!

Over thirty blogs are participating in this tour. Go to the ladies' blog and check out the sidebar on the right -- you'll find a full listing of all participating blogs, with links for easy access. Almost every day all throughout the month, a new review will be made live, so be sure to check back frequently so you don't miss a thing.

So, who are these ladies? And why do they call themselves "crusty old broads?"

Lael and Carroll were both already established authors in their own right, with multitudes of titles to their names. Nancy, Carroll's sister, also had the desire to write. When the three of them were introduced, and later spent the week together at Brigham Young University's Education Week, an idea was born -- they should write a book together, each of them writing from the viewpoint of a different character. It was risky, sure -- co-authors usually only number in the twos, not the threes. But these ladies put it all together and through e-mail and personal visits, which required the use of many frequent flier miles, the books came into being.

Nancy writes the character Deenie, a woman who runs her life according to lists and feels out of control when the unexpected happens, but learns how to let go and have faith that everything will be all right.

Carroll writes the character Erin, a young woman who converts to the Church, does everything she can to establish an eternal family, and then learns that her husband is gay.

Lael writes the character Juneau, an author and a mother who must deal with the teenage pregnancy of her daughter, that daughter giving her the baby to raise, and then having to relinquish the baby at her daughter's demand later on.

These challenges are just the tip of the iceberg the characters face. Through it all, they turn toward each other for advice, love, and compassion. And always in sight is the goal of becoming Crusty Old Broads -- that is to say, women who have weathered life's storms with courage and grace, who pull up their socks and keep walking forward.

Here are some links to reviews and interviews I've done with these three Lovely Ladies, as I call them:

Author Interview: Anderson, Littke and Morris

Author Interview: Anderson, Littke and Morris, part two

Almost Sisters (first book in the trilogy)

Three Tickets to Peoria (second book in the trilogy)

On August 31st, I'll be wrapping up the tour with my review of "Surprise Packages." In the meantime, check out the ladies' website, be sure to follow along on their virtual blog tour, and I'll let you know when my review of the novel is ready for you!


Jen said...

I'm looking forward to this blog tour.

Nancy said...

Many thanks for all your good works.

Rachelle said...

These books look great. I've heard of them before but wasn't sure what they were about. Thanks for the info!

Anne Bradshaw said...

When I look at the pictures of Nancy, Lael, and Carroll I see the characters they created instead. Good job, ladies.

Speaking of books, it's free-and-easy contest time again on my blog today (and for several weeks). Come on over and take a peek at another great book prize.

ali said...

How cool! I've never heard of these books, but I am so intrigued!

I'll definitely go check out some of the stops on the tour. I think this is a series I would enjoy.

Thanks Tristi!

Nichole Giles said...

I love that picture of the authors! I also have loved this series. Great job, ladies.


Carroll said...

You rock, Tristi! I'm amazed at the tour you set up for me, Lael and Nancy. It's like going on vacation when someone else does all the planning!

And many thanks for your reviews of The Company of Good Women trilogy. Sending a book out into the world is like sending your kid off to kindergarten--you do it with high hopes and some trepidation. Your efforts will go a long way to introducing us and the trilogy to readers.

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