Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Pack Meeting -- Oh, My!

Yeah, it's Tuesday again. Yeah, you know what that means.

First off, Shannon and Derek are gonners on Dancing with the Stars. I was so glad Cristian wasn't voted off -- it wasn't his fault he got hurt, and I think he deserves to keep going. I'm also glad to see that Marissa is doing so well. As a woman of size, I'm delighted to see someone whose not exactly rail-thin have the chance to show how beautiful and talented and yes, sexy, she is.

On to American Idol -- it was simply too weird for words tonight. I just don't know. Having Neil Diamond for a mentor was kind of strange -- how many people can really sing Neil Diamond songs? Besides Neil, of course. I wasn't blown away by anyone. I thought David Cook did well, David Archuletta did okay, and everyone else was just there. I found it really hard to even care tonight. That might be more a reflection on the fact that I've been in a really bad mood all day, but I think it's more a reflection of the fact that there wasn't a lot to care about. I'll let Rob back me up or disagree with me on that one.

So, my predictions:

David Cook, safe.
David Archuletta, safe.

If they do a bottom three, it'll be Jason, Brooke and Syesha.

If they do a bottom two, it'll be Syesha and Jason.

Syesha is going home.

I base this on the fact that Brooke seems to have a strong fan base. She's really made some mistakes over the last few weeks, and yet she's still with us. Jason seems to have cornered the young teenage girl demographic, but he wasn't really himself tonight. So that puts him in danger. But I don't think Syesha has the fan base Brooke and Jason have. So, there's my prediction. For whatever it's worth. I haven't done too well with this game so far, but Rob wanted me to play, so . . . I'm playing. (Really, when Rob does his puppy-dog eyes thing, you just can't say no.)

Tonight was Pack Meeting, and not only did my son overcome his shyness to do the Pledge and to bring in the color guard, he got his Bear badge. My dad came over for the presentation and got to hand him the badge. It was awesome. What can I say?

After the American Idol results:

I'm sad to see Brooke go. She brought a lot of genuineness to the show, and I'm going to miss her. And I'm sad that I was wrong. That said, Rob was wrong too, so that sort of takes the sting out.


RobisonWells said...

No love for Brooke? She finally had a good performance!

In other news, I love the new header for your site. Looks great!

Dan and Wendy said...

There have been times in the past when Brooke should've been gone, but was miraculously saved. Jason simply phoned it in last night. He should leave for that performance, but since Syesha is routinely in the bottom two, you might be right.

I'm predicting a David vs. David final. It would be really cool if one of them was named Goliath, but I guess David vs. David will have to do.

SMH said...

I completely agree.
Bottom 3, Jason, Syesha and Brooke.
Bottom 2, Jason & Syesha.
Going home.... Hopefully Jason! :)

Karlene said...

I pretty much agree. I was underwhelmed.

Tamra Norton said...

You forgot to mention the craziest part of the night on American Idol--PAULA!!! What's up with her ramblings? Was the woman drunk? I wonder how/if she can even explain herself. Made her sound like she'd made up her mind BEFORE even hearing the 2nd song. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they hear them reherse, but really, that was just plain bizarro!

P.S. Yeah for both Davids!!!!

Marsha Ward said...

Love your new look, Tristi! Awesome photo header! And the best thing? The blog is readable for my old eyes! Thank you.

Yeah, I know it's not permanent, but it's good for now.

Lee Ann Setzer said...

I definitely agree. The Bear badge is awesome, and so are Cub Scouting moms!

Jen said...

I thought Syesha blew it out of the park actually. She did very well and is probably in the top 3 for flat out talent.

Here is what I think everyone is missing with American Idol--at this point in the competition, its not about who is the best, it's about fan base. And not the fan base of the people who are staying, the fan base of the people who are *leaving*

For instance, are Carly's voters likely to vote for Brooke now that Carly is gone? For the vast majority, the answer is a huge NO on style differences alone, even if talent were equal between the two singers.

The vote distribution is relatively close between the artists when you consider that there are 40 million people voting. When a person leaves, and all those votes that were going to them get divided unevenly between the people who are left, it can really shake up the picture of who is showing strongly.

When you combine that with the fact that Brooke has been showing rather poorly, despite a strong fan-base, the chances that Carly's voters also like Brooke's style AND will overlook her poor performances are even lower.

So the question this week is--where are Brooke's votes going to be going? Probably to David Archuleta and Jason. As much as I think Jason should be next to go home (or should have gone long ago), with Brooke leaving first, some votes that were going to her may be enough to keep him around for another week. My prediction if everyone turns out this week like they did last week-Syesha will probably go home next, even if she sings really well.

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