Thursday, November 15, 2007

Answering Keeley and A.Riley

After my post about the Utah Chocolate Show (which, by the way, is going very well and I'm worn out, but in a good way) Keeley and A.Riley were curious on how I'm managing to cope with my chocolate addiction, while surrounded by it.

To be honest, I'm doing extremely well.

Keeley said it would be like putting an alcoholic in a whiskey store to take her to a chocolate show. Keeley, I absolutely hear you. I was to chocolate what an addict is to cocaine. I had to have it.

But it all goes back to what I was saying before. I truly, literally got down on my knees and asked Heavenly Father to take away my craving, and He did. I do not even crave it any more. He performed a miracle in my life.

Now, it didn't just happen because I knelt down and prayed. I had to come to a point of realization first. I had to admit that I was in over my head and that I couldn't do it anymore. I had to fully come to Him, admit defeat, and really, deeply understand that He has all power to deliver me. And then He did it.

I really encourage anyone who wants to learn more about this to go to the top of the page where it says "search blog" and put "chocolate" into the search. You'll find all the blogs about my struggles, and you'll find the things I've done that have really helped. But not one thing you ever do to overcome an addiction will work until you turn it over to God completely. He is the only one who can do it, and we have to allow Him to do it.

I never thought, in a million years, that I would get to the point where I could say I no longer crave chocolate. That's because I was doing it on my own. I thought I was tough enough to do it. Yeah, well, not hardly. But He is, and He did it for me. I am a walking, talking, non-chocolate eating miracle. I can't even express the gratitude I have to Him for doing it. I have so much hope for my future now that I didn't have before. I honestly thought I was going to end up weighing a thousand pounds and have my own special on TLC. Sure, that's a joke, but it's only partly said in jest -- my weight was out of control.

I do realize I'm rambling, but it's late and I'm tired. Suffice it to say, it can be done. It really, truly can. If I can do it, absolutely anyone else on earth can.


Karen said...

I know we're on the same time zone, so I'd say we're both up way past our bedtime. This was a timely post for me. I just picked up the book "Weigh Down" at the library used book shelf yesterday. It's a non-diet book about trusting in God's will and getting healthy. I'm not summarizing it very well, but, well, it is past my bedtime. Funny though how things will come at you from all directions sometimes. I more readily turn other things over to Him, but not my weight issues. They're mine! Silly me, to struggle so hard all on my own.

Ajoy said...

Thank you for your inspirational words and reminder to turn to our Father who knows us so well. Only He can help where we are weak.

And I am weak.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

I can testify that Tristi touched no chocolate last night (the V.I.P. night at the Utah Chocolate Show.) I was very proud of her!

Of course, we're both wasted with two more days to go. But our booth looks amazing, we did well last night and there are amazing vendors, chocolates. delicious breads and cookies, honey and crackers, massage guy (oh yeah, he's my new best friend) and on and on . . . there is an incredible professional cake contest centered around chocolate. Oh man! Those things were works of art. All in all, amazing and a must see. If you go, drop by our booth -- Imagine -- and visit.

A. Riley said...

Way to go. I agree, if God is helping and you are trusting, anything is possible.

I know that when I open the cupboard and see candy or junk food and bypass it for the healthy stuff, I feel 10 times better about myself knowing that I picked the better choice.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Go, Tristi & Candace! Go, go, go--in the opposite direction to chocolate, that is. How hard that must be when you're breathing it in for hours and hours. Maybe it's a new way to eat it and put on nary an ounce.

So how are the book sales coming along? Anyone buying, amid all that chocolate?

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

I've experienced what you're saying about God in other areas of my life, but for some reason I'm frightened to try it with weight loss. Maybe I'm too afraid it won't work--again. Or maybe I'm just not willing to commit.
Or both.
But thank-you for your example.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Ronda, I'll be honest that it is scary. You're throwing away the crutches you've come to rely on and you're reaching up for something to grasp onto. It's a frightening movement to make, the letting go and the reaching up. But He will not let you topple.

I had a hard time with turning it over to Him because I knew it would mean that I would have to put my money where my mouth was and actually turn away from the chocolate I loved so much. In fact, I had to decide which I loved more, chocolate or God. Once I put it in those terms for myself, then I was able to do it. But it is scary, I won't kid you.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Thanks, Tristi.

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