Sunday, July 29, 2007

He is Sufficient

I've always thought of the word "sufficient" as meaning "adequate" or "just barely good enough." With such a negative view of the word, it would always rankle me whenever I'd hear someone say that Christ is sufficent for our needs. I thought that sounded as though He was just good enough, and that was all.

Having run into the expression an inordinate number of times in the last week, I finally grabbed the dictionary and looked it up. According to Webster:

1. As much as is needed, equal to what is specified or required. 2. Competent, well-qualified, able.

This made a lot more sense to me. He is well-qualified, and He is able. Anything and everything we may need, He is able to provide. There is not one problem we face that He cannot deal with -- we can't possibly cook up anything that would render Him helpless. He is as much as is needed, no matter what that need is.

So now, I too can say, "Christ is sufficient for our needs." He always will be enough, even as our needs grow. He can handle it all.


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful thought. Thank you, Tristi, for your insight.

Rowena said...

Wow, that was great, thank you, I needed to read this right now. =)

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