Monday, June 04, 2007

Update on Previous Blogs

I just thought I'd let you know how things have progressed around here.

Nothing to Snicker About: I'm sitting here eating peanut M&M's that I got for free. The Master Foods company sent me four coupons worth up to $5.00 each for any of their products and I cashed in the first one tonight. Parrrrty!

And, when I blogged about getting hair splinters in my feet, Danyelle left a comment and suggested that I cut hair outside. Well, that was a really brilliant idea. I hadn't done it before because I use clippers and need electricity, but I found a handy dandy outlet outside and we moved the whole kit and caboodle out there. I am proud to announce that it's been twelve hours and nary a hair in my foot. The best part is, one of the requirements for the World Conservation Badge is to leave nesting materials outside for the birds. Well, what is hair but a nesting material? This was one of the best bribes ever to get my son to let me cut his hair!

1 comment:

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yeah, I know it's weird to comment about my own blog. But I'm out of M&Ms -- time to redeem another coupon.

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