Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Further Evidence that I am Weird

You all know I'm weird. No mystery there. But I'm going to offer you further evidence of this. Why? I don't know. Probably because I'm weird.

I get hair splinters in my feet. That's right -- strands of hair on the floor go into my feet just like splinters. I'll feel a sharp stab and then lots of pain when I step, and upon investigation, discover a piece of hair in my foot. So I get the tweezers, grab the end of the hair, and pull it out.

This is made worse by three things:

1. I like to run around the house barefoot. I have no idea why -- you'd think that with this strange sensitivity, I'd wear socks or shoes. Nope -- I'm a barefoot girl.

2. My hair is really thick and I shed a lot. Every time I wash my hair, I have to clean out the drain, and I go in to the salon three times a year specifically to have them go at me with thinning shears. This means there is a lot of hair on the floor for me to step on.

3. My 8-year-old son's hair is really stiff. And I cut it myself. So every time I cut it, I have to carefully sweep up, lest I get tons of hairs in my feet. However, it is impossible to get every single bit of hair up off the floor.

And why have I chosen today to write about this? You see, I cut my son's hair the other night. And I'm running around barefoot. Yep, you got it -- I pulled a hair out of my foot about ten minutes ago.


Lynne said...

Ouch!!! Put some shoes on, lady! (said as I sit here in bare feet)

Darvell Hunt said...

As Johnny Depp might say, "You're rilly weird." LOL.

I get cold feet, so I can't run around the house bare. Uh, I mean, bare feet. In fact, I wear indoor sheepskin-lined "house boots" when I'm home. I'm wearing them now, in fact. They're like fur-lined slippers, but they go up past my ankles. They're made from inside-out sheepskin with the fur still on them in the inside.

Ah, toasty....

So, I guess I always have hair on my feet. Sheep hair, anyway.


Heather B. Moore said...

Funny, Tristi. I'm the opposite. Even in summer I've been known to wear socks in the house. Those sheepskin lined boots that Darvell mentioned are sounding pretty good right now. But my hair is thick too, and I have it "thinned" a couple of times a year.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yes! Lynne's my kind of girl!

I don't know what's up with you "have to cover my feet" people -- that's just so strange to me.

And don't even ask me to sleep with socks on. If I have socks on, no sleep will be had.

Karen said...

I'm impressed that your feet are so tender you can get hair stickers! Wow! Do you know what people pay for pedicures to have soft baby feet??

Karlene said...

Tristi, I think your tender feet would make an interesting twist on the princess and the pea story. That could be really funny!

I'm a sock woman myself because my feet are always freezing cold. I don't have sheepskin boots, but I do have some pretty cool pink piggy slippers.

Danyelle said...

I'm a run around bare footed girl myself. In fact, I even like walking on stone in bare feet.

Now Tristi, a great solution to your problem is to just cut their hair outside. While this may not work in the winter, it works all the rest of the year: Spring, Summer and Fall. Another great benefit is that you won't have to sweep up afterwards!

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