Saturday, February 24, 2007

LDStorymakers Annual Writers Conference

I'm a member of LDStorymakers, an association of published LDS authors. Four years ago, an idea was born: what if we held a conference to teach aspiring authors how to write? But it wouldn't be just any conference. We would tell our participants how to avoid some of the pitfalls we had encountered on our way to success. We would be available to answer questions. We would make our conference a truly unique experience. And somehow, I ended up in charge of it.

I loved every minute of it. Sure, it was a little hairy at times, getting everything organized. But it came together absolutely beautifully, despite the fact that I was nine weeks pregnant at the time and sick as a dog. I had fabulous help and we all pulled together as a team. The following year, when we decided to do it again, it came off like clockwork.

The third year, I passed on the mantle of leadership to Shirley Bahlmann, who did a wonderful job. We expanded the conference to two days, booked a hotel, and found that we really could improve on perfection. Why did it go so well? I list several reasons:

1. We all worked together to bring it about. While there were persons in charge of different areas, we all pitched in. There were no ego trips or people trying to steal the thunder out from everyone else. We're a team.

2. We love what we do. We love to write, we love to talk about writing, and we love to help other people learn how to write. Throw some chocolate in (which we did) and we could stay there forever.

3. We love the people who come. We have made some of the most wonderful friends through these conferences and it's great to see them return year after year. Our writers conference is like a big family reunion, only without the awful talent show and the boring recitiations of Uncle Herman's wife's first husband's genealogy.

Now it's time for the 4th Annual LDStorymakers Writers Conference, led this year by authors Josi S. Kilpack and Julie Wright. Being held on March 23rd and 24th at the Provo Library in Utah, we have cram-packed our time with fabulous classes on everything from grammar to getting a national agent. Regardless of your skill and expertise, there will be a class there for you. Click here for more details.

So if you're an aspiring author, or if you know someone who is, jot down this information. People are getting published after attending this conference. People are having the time of their lives at this conference. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait.

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