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Author Interview: Elizabeth Mueller

Today I'm interviewing the beautiful, talented Elizabeth Mueller. I forget how I first met Elizabeth - some author thing somewhere - but she and I just clicked. I was immediately taken with her sweetness. Now I'm tickled to death to help support her as she's always supported me. Her first novel, Darkspell, will be released this fall.

Let's head into this interview so you can get acquainted with my friend and see why I think she's so awesome.


Tristi: Elizabeth, how did you get the idea for Darkspell?

Elizabeth: If you venture into Gail Carson Levine’s Writing Magic, on page 4, there is a writing prompt. It is the 5th one down if you want to see how Darkspell was born! As I jotted the prompt down, I let my muse take full control. Since I love romance, the first thing I thought was how would it be if the second person was a girl? And what if the first one fell in love with her? What if there was something special about her that lured him to her that she didn’t know? My mind deepened so wide, I didn’t think on the 2 dimensional level of these questions, but I felt them stirring as people bursting to be born on paper.

About Darkspell:
Winter Sky believes she is everything ordinary . . . until she is kissed by Alex Stormhold. As seer of Stormhold Coven, Alex is sworn to be Winter’s protector against the darkness that hunts her. Violently thrust into a magical realm she always thought impossible, she stumbles upon a disturbing secret of her own. Will love prove thicker than magic?
Tristi: How long did it take you to write it?

Elizabeth: It took me about 2 months after the kids went to bed. I’m fond of the memory of writing that novel. I spent every night on the floor of my daughter’s room while listening to the beautiful song of crickets.

Tristi: Do you remember how many rewrites it went through?

Elizabeth: I believe about 3 major headachy ones! I was once told that it sounded very similar to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and I was horrified, so I changed every element that matched. I’ve given Alex about three makeovers, and Winter only one.

Tristi: What's the hardest part of the rewriting process?

Elizabeth: I think it’s the initial shock of it not “feeling right.” The first time was the hardest, it made me feel that I wasn’t good enough. I cried. The last time gave me a HUGE headache because I was worried it would embarrass me out on the shelves. I didn’t care if I had to delete thousands of words. Interesting the mindset of readiness, isn’t it?

Tristi: What is the most enjoyable part?

Elizabeth: Creating! I love the flowy magic of escapism as I write my story.

Tristi: You have many talents - for one, you are an artist as well as an author. Has your art helped you become a better writer, or has your writing made you a better artist? How do the two talents aid each other?
Elizabeth: I was going to say my art has made me a better writer, but my writerliness has also made me a better artist. As I write, I can see what I am describing in great detail because as an artist, I’ve learned to appreciate the details in everything I see. As an artist, I can depict images I’ve written about, or characters in my books, which ultimately give me an edge to creating something with a story behind it.

Tristi: You are a very devoted wife and mother. Do any of your children share your artistic or literary talents?
Elizabeth: Ooh, I love to talk about my kids! My oldest loves to write. She completed her first novel this past April. She’s been writing for as long as I can remember. She also enjoys doing book reports and turns them into reviews on our mother and daughter blog! She enjoys drawing, too. Kidlet #2 has a passion for drawing. He’s even impressed me with his creative masterpieces. My youngest daughter loves to create stories with her art, and the baby of the family really gets into his story telling with his toys.

Tristi: What is one thing about you I might not know? Do you snore? Do you wear fuzzy purple socks when you write? Come on, spill the beans ...

Elizabeth: You made me laugh when I read this. I’m scared of worms and don’t know how to ride a bicycle!

Tristi: I can teach you how to ride a bicycle. You're on your own when it comes to the worms. Any last words?

Elizabeth: Please join me in my celebration for Darkspell’s fall release all July long! A pre-booklaunch party, if you will. Click here for details.

Fantastic!! Best of luck, Elizabeth - I can't wait for your book to come out this fall!

As a July pre-order special,
go here and place your order, and get it for the amazing price of $12.95 plus shipping!

Here's an excerpt:

Alex reached out and took my hands. A spark of magic passed between us. I didn’t resist and his gaze deepened. Another wave tore through me and I felt his powerful drive to protect me and the desire to share the rest of his life with me. I could see forever, eternity was wide and deep.

I would never be alone again.

Having tasted Alex so strongly, so close, so dear, left me empty; a starving sensation that could only be filled by him. I had no idea he felt so intensely for me. His love washed away all doubt from me.

I leaned into Alex as my world spun fast on a crooked axis. I breathed him in. I was intoxicated with his burning hold, I was so alive. Every sound was louder, the wind richer as it flowed through me. I was so free, so alive, so untainted by any wicked thing. I closed my eyes, shivering with desire, and imagined the breeze encircling us; bringing us to our feet and drawing us closer like a child’s ribbon.

Just as I opened my eyes, he whispered, “Listen, Winter. Listen to me.”

He brought me to him and gently pressed my face to his heart. It was a wild thing, trapped and yearning to be free. My blood sang and my eyes drifted closed. It felt as if my feet lifted from the ground. One hand was soft in my hair as he caressed my back with the other.

“How have you come by such magic? Such power to control? Can I come into your world? Can you teach me?” I trembled, savoring every sensation.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Wow, Tristi, I love how you composed this interview--your writing shows magic with every medium. ;) I sure <3 ya!


Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!
Pre-order your copy now!

Old Kitty said...

Thank you Tristi and Elizabeth!! Another fab interview of Elizabeth - I love learning about her writerly processes and inspirations! What an artist!! Good luck with Darkspell!! Take care

anthony stemke said...

I enjoyed reading that excerpt of Miss Mueller's.
Thank You.

Angie said...

Great interview. I loved learning about your writing process, Elizabeth. The book looks great. I love the cover. Best of luck with it!

David P. King said...

Nice interview! Good to know a little more about Elizabeth. Darkspell sounds most intriguing, too.

S.B.Niccum said...

I'm so exited for you Elizabeth! And I agree with you Tristi, she is an amazingly sweet person.
S.B. Niccum
Author Website

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Elizabeth is a fantastic artist!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great interview! I really enjoyed the exerpt. :)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Jennifer, thank you! You're such a sweet friend. I look forward to the day that we can meet in person! :)

Anthony, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Angie, thank you! You'll love the illustrations even more! *thinking of posting them over at my website... ;)

David, thank you!

Silvina, and you're a real sweetheart! <3

Alex, thank you! Angie has a drawing of your guitar--it came out gorgeous, too! :P

Sharon, I'm glad you did. :)

Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!
Pre-order your copy now!

Renae Weight Mackley said...

Wish I could write a novel in just two months! Good luck, Elizabeth. I'm excited for you.

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