Thursday, June 09, 2011

Homeschool Funny

  Q: How does a homeschooling family change a lightbulb?

A: First, Mom checks three books on electricity out of the library, then the kids make models of light bulbs, read a biography of Thomas Edison and do a skit based on his life.

Then, everyone studies the history of lighting methods, wrapping up with dipping their own candles.

Next, everyone takes a trip to the store where they compare types of light bulbs as well as prices and figure out how much change they'll get if they buy two bulbs for $1.99 and pay with a five-dollar bill.

On the way home, a discussion develops over the history of money and also Abraham Lincoln, as his picture is on the five-dollar bill.

Finally, after building a homemade ladder out of branches dragged from the woods, the light bulb is installed.

And there is light.

~Author Unknown


Jennie Bennett said...

lol! That's why homeschooling rocks!

melinda harrington: homeschooling mum said...

Finally, in our own time, and in our own way... we see the light.. and appreciate it too!

Canda said...

Cute story! I just spent a few minutes cruising around your redesigned website. WOW! You are one busy lady with incredible talent. There were such great resources. Thsnks! It looks great and so east to navigate.

Unknown said...

Oh my, this makes me feel totally inadequate. We'd probably just change the lightbulb... no skits... maybe a library book or two :D Homeschooling is something I think I'm still sort of sliding myself into. We *did* make an aluminum foil growbox two weeks ago for a botany lesson. Have yet to grow anything in it...

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