Sunday, August 24, 2014

Double Cover Reveal!

So, you might have noticed by now that I own a publishing company. We're kicking off a brand-new line of romance novels starting this week with a book by me, writing as Paige Timothy, and one by my good friend Karen E. Hoover, writing as Raine Gillespie. Help us celebrate with this cover reveal!

Hearts in Harmony by Raine Gillespie
And Something Blue by Paige Timothy
Official Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Date: Monday, August 25th
Release Date: August 26th
Both of these books are part of the Sweet and Clean Romance Collection
Genre: Sweet Romance
Publisher: Trifecta Books ~
Host: Silverbow Promotions ~

Hearts in Harmony Book Blurb:
Elahna Nezario gave up her musical dreams to help run The Queen of Hearts, her mother’s chocolate shop, after her sister’s sudden death. After an unfortunate run in with Elahna’s childhood crush, owner of The Dolce Theater, not only do her dreams surge back to life, but so does her heart.

Author Bio: Raine Gillespie may be new to romance, but she is by no means new to writing. Needing an alias to separate her genres, Raine Gillespie is the pen name for Karen E. Hoover, author of The Wolfchild Saga, The Newtimber series, and The Misadventures of a Teenage Wizard. If you like Raine's writing style, take a look at Karen's fantasy and explore a bit of the impossible made real.

Author Links:
Website ~

And Something Blue Book Blurb:
Bridal consultant Laurie Fletcher spends her days helping others prepare for the most special day of their lives. Will true love ever come her way, or is she doomed to watch others get their happily ever after?

Author Bio: Paige Timothy is new to the romance scene, but she's certainly not new to the industry. Under her other pen names, she has published thirty books in a wide variety of genres. With her new series, the Main Street Merchants, Paige is embarking on a new journey that promises to be filled with adventure.

Author Links

You’re invited to the release party! Games, Giveaways, and More!


Jennifer Jensen said...

Exiting! The books sound good (love to find clean romance) and the covers are lovely. Congrats to both of you!

Jennie said...

I'd like review copies. You have my address, don't you?

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