Saturday, July 19, 2014

Looking for Sponsors

Calling all authors, artisans, and persons who make/create/cause stuff to happen of all kinds ...

I'm looking for sponsors for online book launches.

What is an online book launch?

An online book launch is typically an event held on Facebook where people come on the event page for that launch and learn about the book being promoted. They are invited to win prizes donated by sponsors by doing things such as "liking" the sponsor's Facebook page, etc. These launches are gaining in popularity, as online seems to be the way everything's going. I or my assistant coordinate launches for my publishing company, Trifecta Books, and sometimes for friends as well.

Why would you want to sponsor?

When I hold an online book launch, I make sure to point the participants to the sponsors' websites or Facebook pages or to promote them in other ways. This gives you the opportunity to get your name out there in circles you might not have reached yet. Depending on the cost-to-you of what you donate, it's very inexpensive advertising. It's tax deductible as a business expense for marketing. It's fun, and plus, you get the added benefit of people thinking you're cool and awesome.

What does a sponsor do?

First, decide what you'd like to donate. It could be anything, really, that a person might want to win. E-books are hugely popular, as are print books and cute little trinkets - book bags, jewelry, etc. You can also donate a service - if you're an editor, you could donate a three-page review (or what have you). Be certain that whatever you donate is something that you don't mind shipping. Larger items will automatically be labeled as "U.S. participants only" - I won't ask you to pay overseas shipping.

Then fill out the form below. That's really all there is to it. I or my assistant will contact you when we have need of a prize, and then after the event, we will contact you with the name of the winner.

If you have any questions, pop me a note at, and thanks for your time!

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