Sunday, May 11, 2014

Book Review: Do Not Attempt in Heels compiled by Elise Babbel Hahl and Jennifer Rockwood Knight

With the historic lowering of the missionary age as announced last year by our prophet, we're seeing more and more sister missionaries enter the field than ever before. What was once seen as something to do "if you couldn't get married" is now becoming a viable and desired option rather than a Plan B. I've been excited to see this shift in mentality and the strength and excitement of young women the world over as they prepare themselves to go out and preach the gospel.

The new compilation book "Do Not Attempt in Heels" comes at the perfect time. Young women contemplating serving a mission are full of questions, and the personal essays in this book give an overview of some of the challenges missionaries might face as they head out. Many of the stories deal with finding personal testimony, learning how to reach the hearts of investigators, and ways to overcome doubt and discouragement. I was surprised and actually rather pleased to find a story submitted by an anonymous sister who found herself attracted to an elder in her area, and the steps she took to overcome that attraction. Things like that can and do happen, and I was glad to see it addressed. Another story dealt with a man pulling a knife on a sister missionary, and the courageous actions taken by her companion to get them both out of the situation.

Threaded throughout each story is the message that the Lord loves us and wants our success in every venue of our lives. He watches over and protects our missionaries and guides them where they need to be. He loves the investigators and helps prepare them to receive the message of the restored gospel. He gives solace when we are homesick and gives us words to say when we are dumbfounded. The Lord is deeply involved in the missionary effort and does not leave His young servants alone while they are doing His work.

I appreciated the spirit this book brought into my Sunday afternoon reading and I strongly recommend it for any sister who is planning to serve. For that matter, I don't think it would do an elder harm to read it, even if it does have high heels on the cover . . .  The message is true for both elders and sisters, of any age.

You can purchase "Do Not Attempt in Heels" for print and Kindle

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