Thursday, February 27, 2014

Special Discount for My Readers

Some of you will remember a few years back when I had some pens and pencils made up with "The Secret Sisters Mysteries" on them. Those were so fun, and I enjoyed handing them out at book signings, using them as swag for contests, etc. Many of you still have your pens, and you think about me whenever you use them. I admit, that was part of my plan all along.  :)

I was contacted by the folks at PensXpress this last week with a special offer specifically for readers of my blog. If you go to their site and enter the promo code, you can order pens at a 10% discount, and that's good on any order. This discount is available for the next six weeks - isn't that awesome?

So whether you're an author seeking to make your name first and foremost on everyone's minds or someone who needs some awesome pens for a variety of other reasons, go check out the site and see what cool things they have.

10% off any order - discount code cp4ed10

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