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Guest Blog by Tony Graff

A year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to review Juniper Crescent by Tony Graff. I enjoyed that novel, and you can read the review here.  Tony has just released the next book in the series and I'm delighted to host him here today.


Which Isis Are You?
            Bullying's still a hot topic in the media. Something tells me that's not going to change anytime soon. Most of the attention goes to the LGBT community and the tragedy that they face for being themselves, and I empathize with them. But that's only a single face in a great, big stone of prejudice and thoughtlessness on the acts of others.
            If we take a step back, we see a great variety of reasons that someone would become a target of hazing.
            Note I didn't say victim. But, that's a soapbox for another time.
            Growing up we've seen that even something as small as wearing glasses makes someone the object of ridicule. Throw in talking a different way, enjoying a different type of food, having two moms, two dads, one parent, no parents, reading, not having cable TV, or even liking a certain color and you've got a tiny portion of the reason young children suffer bullying.
            Adults don't have it any easier, the name-calling just changes. Political alliances, moral alliances, religious views, job status, family size, even the car we drive can give someone fodder to continue the abuse.
            I think that's one of the reasons I loved writing Hallow Terrace. Just about everyone faces hazing of some kind. Some choose to be a victim, others become a bully themselves, and the strongest people become neither.
            But, that's the harder part. There really isn't a book or even an app that can teach someone how to be the person that can withstand bullying without succumbing or adopting its practices.
            So far, the only thing that I've seen that can build a person like that is having a passion stronger than words and harder than punches. Something to love that is more powerful than anything another person can throw.
            The question is, what makes you worth being bullied? It sounds an odd question, but that can be the greatest strength you have. That's the question I pose to every character who's become an Isis.

            For me, it's writing. Even if I never become a New York Times bestseller, I'm still going to write. Whether it's with NaNoWriMo (good luck to everyone participating), a short story, or another novel, I will write. It's my sanity and my passion, no matter what anyone else says. I'm also lucky enough to know people who have also found their passion, including other authors.

You can purchase Tony's new book by clicking here

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