Monday, June 24, 2013

The Book of Horus: Breathings by IC. Fisher

The Myth 
The Man 
The Memory of their love .....

Separated by tragedy, the hawk-headed god Horus will stop at nothing to rejoin with the woman that he loves. The bonds of their love transcend all time and space. Even death could not extinguish the flames. Any sacrifice was not too great. 

All that mattered is that they could live their immortal lives together.

IC.Fisher is an Honors Business Graduate from Southern Virginia University. Her hobbies include writing, producing and acting in skits and plays; reading fictional novels; and baking brownies. 

As a manager in an international transportation facility, IC has developed an acute sense of scheduling which she applied in her debut novel with non-linear narrative prose. She has developed a strong awareness and respect for many cultures during her career. 

You can purchase her novel by clicking here.

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