Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review: Simply West of Heaven by Monique Bucheger

I should start out this book review by divulging that I edited it, and so I might be a little partial. I mean, if I can't be extra proud of books I've edited, I shouldn't be an editor, right?

Monique Bucheger has written a series of books called The Ginnie West Adventures that are geared toward a middle-grade audience, but address hard, real-life issues. Kids today are facing tough dilemmas, and Monique manages to show kids how they can be heroes in their own lives while always remaining appropriate for her readers.

In this book, Simply West of Heaven, best friends Ginnie and Tillie's efforts to play matchmaker are bearing fruit, and it looks like Ginnie's dad and Tillie's mom are going to tie the knot. But Ginnie's dad is hiding something from Ginnie, and he won't tell her what. She has just found her deceased mother's journals, but he takes them away and won't let her read them. Tillie feels hesitant to help Ginnie get them back. After all, if everyone's talking about and remembering Ginnie's dead mom, won't that make the wedding plans go south? And Tillie desperately wants a new dad.

This book shows the very real feelings children have when their parents are getting ready to remarry, and it also demonstrates how families can pull through the toughest of trials. Principles of honesty and respect are addressed, and the characters learn and grow in a way that also educates the reader without feeling like a lecture. I highly recommend this series for your middle-grade reader ... ah, never mind. For a reader of any age!

Okay, now that you're all set to buy this book, hold on one second. If you buy it on Thursday, June 20th, instead, you will be able to access some amazing prizes as a thank you for your purchase. Go to Monique's blog for more information!

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