Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Review: Holidays for Kids by Charles Pascalar

Every year, I try to come up with some ideas for ways to make Christmas fun for our children. I want it to be more than just opening presents. Because we're Christians and we believe in celebrating Christmas with the true spirit of the season, I want to make this time of year memorable. 

This year I decided that we'd do something fun together as a family every single day all during December until Christmas. You can tell from my sidebar and our countdown to Christmas that I haven't been entirely successful. Some days, we've been too busy or too overscheduled to do an activity, but we're making progress.

But what about the other holidays of the year? Shouldn't they be extra fun and special too?

Holidays for Kids brings parents fun new ideas for how to make these events special. Here's the backliner from the book:

"Be the coolest parent in the neighborhood, maybe in the world. It’s all in this book and so easy.

Every child and adult looks forward to enjoying the next big holiday season with their friends and family. What if you could celebrate several of those holidays every month with your kids? Give them some fun days that no other children experience. Give them low or no cost holidays that build a stronger emotional connection with them. Make their friends, and yours, look at you with envy over celebrating things that no one ever thought about. In this book, you will learn the most important birthday for your child and cool new holidays like One Day Fun Day, May Day Play Day, Awesome August Adventure Day, January Journey, September Search, Pie Day, Slurpee Day, and over forty others. Plus, learn how to celebrate the more traditional holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and President’s Day in fun new ways.

Learn bedtime and good-morning songs, how to educate your kids on things even teachers don’t know, and have your kids begging for more. This book took twelve years to develop all those cool things. It’s now available exclusively for you."

To be honest, I didn't even know some of these holidays existed. But that's the great thing about holidays - you can even make some up for your own family, like the day the parents got engaged or the anniversary of the day they bought their first house. You can create your own family culture and celebrate however you like. Holidays for Kids got me thinking about that. Kids love holidays and they love traditions. Your own family traditions make you cool, like you have your own family club. They're unifying and they create bonds. 

I also think that as parents, we sometimes get too busy to think much about celebrating life. Again, look at my sidebar - just this month so far, and it's only the 15th, we've had two stretches of time when we didn't do any activities because our schedules were just so crazy. We need to slow down, think about those moments that will never come again, and commemorate them. Kids grow up, they move away, and we'll miss these celebrations. Let's have more of them to fill up our memories.

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