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A Woman's Power by Fay A. Klingler

In today’s chaotic world, many women feel like they’re hanging on by a single, fraying thread. But as daughters of God, we’re blessed with lifelines from above. All we have to do is reach up and grab hold of them.

A Woman’s Power, from beloved author Fay A. Klingler, simply and beautifully illustrates which threads have the strength and power to carry women of virtue to safety, peace, and lasting happiness. Perfect for women everywhere, this inspiring work will help you hold fast to the divinity within you as you learn just how powerful a faithful woman can be.

“Fay Klingler is not only well-grounded in the gospel, but
her stories, quotes, and wisdom offer hope and help to make our
lives more deeply meaningful.”
—Linda Eyre, Author of the #1 New York Times
bestseller Teaching Your Children Values

“For someone seeking tried and true solutions to real-life
problems, your answers could very well lie within the pages of
A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God. Fay has accurately
captured the essence of our potential as women and has carefully
and expertly guided us to discover that power within ourselves.”
—Marcia Z. Ford, Former National President
of American Mothers, Inc.

“Inspiring and uplifting, this book offers warm encouragement,
positive spiritual solutions, and fresh, enlightening
insights into eternal truths.”
—Carolyn Campbell, Award-winning author,
Reunited: True Stories of Long-Lost Siblings Who Find Each Other Again

“The principles taught in this book are true and powerful.
When they are exercised in each individual’s life, she will feel a
greater peace and a greater capacity to confront life’s challenges
and strengthen her relationship with God. Fay Klingler illustrates
these principles through interesting stories and scripture
that will capture your attention and bring them to life. I highly
recommend this motivational read.”
—Kimberly Toronto,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Anyone seeking insight, hope, and a deeper understanding
of who she is and the power that is within her will value this
book. Thank you, Fay Klingler, for being an instrument in the
Lord’s hands.”
—Diane M. Stuart, former Director of the Office on Violence
Against Women in the US Department of Justice

“This book encourages all women to thoughtfully ponder the
opportunity to build a powerful and more trusting relationship
with our Father in Heaven, and to follow specific steps to confirm
our identity as Daughters of God, with inherent rights to personal
safety and the ability to embrace life with confidence and joy.”
—Merilyn H. Wright, MS,
Licensed Professional Counselor

“As a 37-year practicing marriage and family therapist,
I fully anticipated from the preliminary title of this book—
Threads of Power and Safety—to read instruction for women on
being empowered and safe from the control of men. But it has
nothing to do with the negatives of life. It is all about being
in the cradle of the Lord’s arms through righteous living, but
living in a practical, simplistic, and attainable way. . . . Fay does
a marvelous job in giving women patterns for life, a tapestry of
threads for safety and power.”
—Dr. J. Kent Griffiths, Doctor of Social Work, Licensed Clinical
Social Worker, & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Fay Klingler . . . gives both women and men great spiritual
insights as to how we can cope with our mortal challenges. Her
use of inspirational stories and quotes helps give guidance and
practical application of the principles she teaches. “With God’s
assistance we cannot fail.” She tells us how and why.
—Cynthia Terry,
Church Building Hosting Director

True principles, illustrated with real life examples, that is the
way to truly teach. Fay Klingler’s book, A Woman’s Power: Threads
that Bind Us to God, is filled with inspiring quotes, stories, and
examples that will inspire women to more closely include the
Lord as part of their lives. As I read, I was making connections
to my own life story and relationship with my Heavenly Father
and motivated to strengthen my ties with Him.
—Macy Robison, Creator & Performer,
Children Will Listen: Reflections on Motherhood

As I read A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God,
I was pleased to find the answers to life’s problems come from
our understanding of who we are and how we respond to that
knowledge. Fay Klingler’s testimony throughout the book
speaks of the power we have to take charge of our lives and the
power we have to respond to what we have no control over. This
book definitely has my endorsement!
—Toni Fabrizio, Former Church Building Hosting Director

As the bishop of a Young Single Adult ward, I see, interview,
and associate with beautiful young women on a regular
basis. In this chaotic world these women are challenged on every
side. . . . Fay Klingler’s book, A Woman’s Power: Threads that
Bind Us to God, is just the kind of book these young women need
for strength to get through the day, the week, their lives. I’d like
a stack of her books to hand out to each of my lovely sisters—the
ones who are succeeding as well as the ones who struggle.
Thank you, Sister Klingler. Your wise words will help a
great many women.
—Bishop Curtis F. Dickerson

Author and illustrator Fay A. Klingler is an award-winning creative and technical writer. Her most recent book release—A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God—can be purchased at Amazon and all LDS retail outlets.

An often sought-after motivational speaker for women's groups and radio and television audiences, Fay thoroughly enjoys her family, speaking and writing, sewing, gardening, hiking, and camping. Together, the Klinglers have twelve children and thirty-five grandchildren in their blended family. They reside in Draper, Utah. Fay loves to hear from her readers. You can send her an e-mail at, or visit her website ( or facebook page (

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