Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary Day #22

You might be wondering why this is day #22 when it's actually the 29th. I skipped Sundays, and then I forgot to post a couple of times - but all the entries went where they were supposed to, so it's all good.  :)

A reminder that the prize being drawn at midnight tonight is donated by middle-grade fantasy author Andrea Pearson. Click here to read details about her awesome prize. This is the last "regular" prize of the contest - tomorrow we'll be drawing for the grand prize of awesomeness, so be sure to check back tomorrow and enter to win!

Our trip down Memory Lane has been a lot of fun. We've talked about the books I've published, I've answered some questions (those of you with questions that were not answered, I will be e-mailing you directly), and it's been fun for me to reminisce. In fact, it's been so fun that I might have to share a few pictures too.

An awesome trip to Fillmore with my LDStorymaker friends in 2005.  The outer circle, starting from the left, is comprised of BJ Rowley, Stephanie Fowers, Willard Boyd Gardner, me, Heather Justesen, Julie Coulter Bellon, Shirley Bahlmann, Loralee Evans, Julie Wright, and Rachel Ann Nunes.  Seated in the center are Heather Moore,  Candace Salima, and James Dashner. Ah, the good old days ...

At the Storymakers conference in 2008 ... what can I say? Easter was the next day.

With the most awesome ladies of LDS Women's Book Review.
L-R: Shanda Cottam, me, Sheila Staley. May 2009

Hangin' out with the cool people after the Book Academy Conference in 
September. Back row: J. Scott Savage, Don Carey, Shanda Cottam, 
Julie Wright, Sheila Staley, and Traci Hunter Abramson.  Front row: me, 
Debbie (Cranberryfries) Lambson.

Holy cow - I have a book in Walmart!  I never, ever, ever thought
I'd ever have a book in Walmart!

My good-lookin' critique group: Kimberly Job, Nichole Giles,
Keith Fisher, Heather Justesen, and me

I could go on, but you get the picture. (Ha ha ... that was a bad pun.) But my point is, I've really had some amazing experiences, and I feel blessed to be on the path I'm on.

So what's ahead for me? Oh, believe me, I have plans. Many, many plans ...

1. Right now I'm finishing up Point of View Primer, which is the third book in the Write It Right series. That will be done probably within the week. 

2. The fifth and final Secret Sisters Mystery novel, titled Till Death Do Us Part, is slated to go into final edits pretty soon, and then on to publication. I don't have an official release date, but soon!  Very soon!

3. After that, I'm starting a brand-new series that spins off from Secret Sisters. Jack and Molly are two FBI agents who come to Omni with a task - to bring down the mob. But in order to stay under cover, they must learn how to look and act like Mormons, so they get Mormon lessons from Ida Mae, Arlette, and Tansy. This is a five-book series and kicks off in the spring of 2013. The first book is titled Tulips and Treason, and I'm in final revisions before submitting it.

4. I'm also looking into doing reprints of my first two novels, Nothing to Regret and Strength to Endure. I have the rights back and would love to get them in circulation again. My publisher is currently reading them over to see if they'd like to pick them up, and if they decide not to, I'll self-publish them so that one way or another, they'll be available again.

5. I've had an idea for another YA book - writing Turning Pages was fun, so I've decided to do more in this genre. This book will be called Take My Advice. I haven't started writing it yet, so I don't have a great deal of detail to give. But it will be fun - very fun.

6. A book I have started writing is a romantic suspense with a lot of humor. It's called This Is Not a Romance Novel, and it's going to be a lot of fun too.

This isn't all I've got up my sleeve, but this will keep me busy for the next year. Did I mention there's a Secret Sisters cookbook in the offing? And that I'm also writing a cookbook with my doctor? Yeah, there's lots going on.

Okay!! To win Andrea Pearson's middle-grade fantasy two-volume e-book, leave a comment on this post. The winner will be drawn at midnight tonight. Then be sure to come back and enter tomorrow for the grand prize, which is amazingly awesome! And don't forget, all the entries received throughout the month also go toward the grand prize drawing. 


Andrea said...

I love it! I can't wait to read your new books - they sound fantastic. And you definitely have a lot going on!

Oh, and I don't want to win my own books. I apologize if that offends someone. But I'm wanting that grand prize! :-)

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Love the pictures!

Inspired Kathy said...

I want to read Andrea's books. Looking forward to your next books too.

Roberta H. said...

Love hearing about what you plan to do!!! Thanks for sharing..... definitely something to look forward to!!! LOVE IT!!
contact me at rmhulse78@yahoo dot com.

Monique said...

Amazingly awesome? I'm totally in! :)

Miranda D Nelson said...

Looks like you have had a lot of fun! Congrats again on ten years being published!

Jessica L. Foster said...

Twice while reading your list of things you are working on I said, "Oooo!" You have a lot of great projects in the works. I loved seeing the pictures. I think the pictures were from when I first started coming to writery things, meeting everyone, so it was cool to remember. :)

Mary Preston said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I can see you've been busy having such a great time.


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