Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary Day #10

Hey all!! A reminder that our prize for today is an e-book copy of Secrets of the Red Box by Vickie Hall. Click here to learn all about it.

Continuing the tale of my publication journey, shortly after I published Secret Sisters with Valor, they went out of business and I signed with Walnut Springs, where I've been ever since. In January of 2011, we released Dearly Departed, the second book in the Secret Sisters Mysteries.

ISBN: 978-1-935217-89-3
LDS cozy mystery

Ida Mae Babbitt has done her community service and is a reformed woman—no more law-breaking for her. But when Arlette’s granddaughter Eden discovers a mystery in a fancy nursing home, Ida Mae—with the perfect excuse of a broken wrist and a broken ankle—checks herself into the place. After all, it is for the greater good. Soon she’s buzzing around in her motorized wheelchair, questioning the residents and swiping files from the office. She’s bound and determined to get to the bottom of this case. But can she solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim?

You can purchase Dearly Departed at, Barnes and, and  Click here for reviews of Dearly Departed.

Dearly Departed was accepted by Costco, and I signed there from June until September of 2011.  I had a lot of fun, but as not every Costco shopper wants to read about little LDS ladies, even though the book doesn't preach anything except "don't murder people," the sales weren't as great as we'd hoped and I finished my Costco run just in time to break my foot. Yeah, so things worked out for the best because if I'd still been doing Costco, I would have had to cancel Costco. 

Leave a comment in this trail to enter to win Vickie's book - that winner will be chosen just after midnight tonight. Good luck!


Andrea said...

Dearly Departed is still my favorite in the series - infiltrating a rest home? So awesome, and definitely my thing. :-)

Mary Preston said...

I do enjoy a great mystery read. Love the term cozy mystery. I would love to read DEARLY DEPARTED thank you.


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