Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Now?

My mom and I were talking this afternoon about a recent trend on the LDS market.

"Why are there so many books about women being published all at the same time?" she asked. "It seems like several have been released recently."

There are a few possible answers to this question. The first - market trends. The publishers look at what's selling well, and then they produce several things that fall along those lines.

Another answer - market holes. The publishers look to see what's available and then seek to fill holes where certain needs aren't being met, and it's possible that several publishers noticed a hole and are seeking to fill it.

Yet another answer, and the one I favor, is this: Never before has it been more important for women to understand their role in our Heavenly Father's plan. We've had several other movements in the past that have benefited women - obviously getting the right to vote, and Women's Lib, etc. Each of these moments in history have added up to create a much better world for women to live in - but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the need for women to come into their own spiritually, to know that their goodness and righteousness and integrity can and will shape the destiny of the world.

I believe that these books are all being written at this time because our Heavenly Father needs His daughters to understand who they are, and so He is sending His Spirit to whisper to the hearts of authors who want to help spread that message. I know that when I got the idea to write Women of Strength, I felt about it very strongly. I felt that my particular take on things might be useful to someone out there, that I might be able to help some woman somewhere understand that we are of tremendous worth in our Heavenly Father's eyes, that we are warriors in His battle.

We are seeing the world around us become more wicked and confused. We are seeing the lines become blurred until it's difficult to know where we stand. The Lord needs us to plant our feet firmly and to guide those around us to safety.

Marketing strategies aside, that's why I think so many books about women are being written right now - because it's time.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Some of it is the trend, as you say. Some of it is because we're targets right now. And not in a good way.

JoLyn Brown said...

Tristi, thanks for your thoughts on this. I've also thought the Lord is reaching out to his daughters. We are all so different. He knows that. He knows just who can say the perfect thing for each of us. I'm glad you wrote this book and I have no doubt that it's going to be used for good. Thanks for reminding me of this. I needed it this week.

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