Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Blog: Diony George

How many of you really believe it’s the small things that matter most?

According to President Monson, quoted on the back of Diony George’s newest release, A Sisterhood of Strength, “it’s the service that counts.”

And service can be about small things:

Taking a bowl of homemade soup to a friend that’s ill or an unplanned visit to someone who’s feeling blue; doing the laundry for a new mom of twins, helping someone stranded in the rain. This are all seemingly small acts of kindness, however the impact is anything but.

Emotional connections between women—sisters—showing each other they care through acts of service.

“One person can make a difference. Each one of you has unique gifts. Use your gifts to serve others. As we walk in His light, we become women of vision, women of destiny, and women of eternal value…”—Mary Ellen Smoot

As part of Diony’s blog tour she is giving away some free copies of her book. For a chance to win your own free copy leave a comment on her blog about how service has touched your life.

Diony George is a wife, stay-at-home mom of seven, grandmother of two, a motivational speaker, and the author of three books. Through her writing and public speaking she loves helping others draw closer God. An avid reader whose favorite genre is romantic suspense, Diony also loves to travel, sew, and bake—especially pies and homemade bread. Born and raised in Alaska, she currently resides in Salt Lake City with her husband and family. 

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Anonymous said...

I met Diony through her book Torn Apart. It was good! I'm heading over now to check out her latest. Thanks, Tristi, for highlighting her.
Ann Best, Memoir Author

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