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Guest Blog by JoAnna Oblander - My Quest

I was recently contacted by new Cedar Fort author JoAnna Oblander about her new novel, A Glimpse of Heaven. Here are her thoughts about her book and her journey.

My Quest by JoAnna Oblander

If you have read my book A Glimpse of Heaven, you know that my life has been blessed by a near death experience. I italicized near death because it wasn’t a typical near death experience – if there really is such a thing.

Prior to that experience, as a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I believed the truths that I had been taught since childhood. My heart told me those truths were true and I made it a practice to live those truths each day to the best of my ability.

That has changed now – I am now on a Quest.

As I was taken back to the pre-existence and shown who I was there and the mission that I was asked to accomplish throughout my life on earth a change occurred – in me and in my understanding of life.

You might think that having seen it all – I would have all the answers and rest would be a cinch. 

Well, much of what I saw there was blocked from my memory as I once again resumed residence in my mortal body.  I’m basically positive those memories were blocked so that my time of testing here could be construed as a valid test but the feelings I experienced have remained and what I have been allowed to remember are enough - enough to keep me valiant in my Quest.

There are two main things that I know are a part of my life mission:

1.       To help Heavenly Father’s children know Him, have a desire within their hearts to know Him better and to consistently seek a strong relationship with Him.

2.       To help Heavenly Father’s children know who they truly are, their worth, and their divine potential.

There are other things that I am to accomplish with my life – like family things and personal things but those are my main responsibilities outside of personal responsibilities.

We are meant to understand so much more than we do. For example, when we search our scriptures (not just read, but search) we should be using the Spirit to find and understand the hidden truths which are contained there. Did you know that the Book of Mormon teaches about the two basic components that everything is made of? Do you know what those two things are? (You ace this little side test if you do!)

Every single one of us is meant to be on a quest. And not just to know the scriptures or to be a good missionary or to be of service. We need to know in our hearts who we were before this life, we need to know our own personal mission(s) and to believe in who we are meant to become!
Most of all…we need to believe that we are capable of becoming who we were and who we are meant to become.

I can tell you that when I was shown who I was in the pre-existence – I was amazed, enthralled, and exhilarated by the me I saw there. I felt the same way about each of the spirits that I saw there (you). I was blessed to know and understand that I was who I was because of the strengths and passions that were uniquely mine. I also understood that those strengths and passions were maximized because of my love, devotion, and desire to utilize all the assistance that Heavenly Father had to offer me.

Every day, I wake up and my quest starts anew. I am always excited about what the day might bring. Nonetheless, I am not infrequently overwhelmed with the tasks in front of me and the lacking skill set that I currently possess. However, though I am always in need of answers I don’t have and skills that need to be developed – I know that whatever I need will come and I know that when I allow Heavenly Father to guide the process, it will come in the right way and at the right time.

There was once a time when I would have said, “Why me and not ____________ (insert name of more capable person)?” I don’t know the whys of that question. I just know that by small things great things are accomplished. I know that each of us is a small thing capable of doing great things when we push aside our personal unbelief in ourselves.

I hope you will join me on my quest. I hope you will help me get my book into the hands of millions of people who need to know how much our Heavenly Father loves them, how special they are, and the great potential they have. I hope you will seek to know who you uniquely are and the special mission that you are to accomplish and I hope that you will always feel in your heart the great love that our Heavenly Father has for you! I hope that you will believe in yourself and in the value of what you have to offer to the world around you! I already know that Heavenly Father believes in you and your potential – we are meant to succeed and to do amazing things!

With Smiles and Hugs!
JoAnna Oblander

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Randy said...

Thanks for posting this Tristi, it is amazing to hear it. And thanks to JoAnna for sharing her experience.

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