Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Book Review: Force of Habit: Sister Madeleine Investigates by Cash Peters

It will come as no surprise that I have a soft spot for suspense novels with elderly female main characters.

When eccentric publisher Howard Barley of Los Angeles takes a dive off a ship in the waters of Nice, France, and into the propellers, rendering him quite headless, everyone on board is stunned. They had seen him wandering around, causing chaos and upheaval everywhere he went, but none of them anticipated that he would end up taking his own life. When a cremated body is found in the deceased’s suite, things only get more confusing.

Barley’s unusual death was not the first—there have been forty others. And it certainly won’t be the last—in fact, there’s a list.

Just how does a nun of slightly advanced years play into the picture? You’ll be surprised when you find out.

I enjoyed this read quite a lot.  I was sucked in by the suspense and thriller aspects, and didn’t realize at first that this actually is quite a funny book.  But I gave myself a stomachache laughing at the history of the convent where Sister Madeleine lives—the author’s humor is so dry and so subtle, and yet so incredibly funny, that I was on a roller coaster of emotion, chuckling one minute and on the edge of my seat the next.

It would be highly unlikely for me to read a book without noticing editing issues, and this book was no different – there were a few editing problems throughout.  However, this did not take anything away from the clever storyline and the author’s unique word choice, something I very much appreciated.

Cash Peters has created a gutsy, loveable main character, placed her in breathtaking danger, and brought all his readers along for the ride of a lifetime.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Force of Habit by Cash Peters. 


Angela Felsted said...

Looks like an interesting read.

Donna K. Weaver said...

And, of course, it's not available for the Nook. *sigh* Does no one want to give Amazon some competition?

Jordan McCollum said...

I do have a weird love for all things Catholic... Thanks for the recommendation!

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