Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review: Prank Wars by Stephanie Fowers

I didn't go to college, per se - I took some correspondence courses through BYU Independent Study, and a couple of trade school courses, also through correspondence.  Reading Prank Wars by Stephanie Fowers made me wish I'd lived in a dorm for a while ... if for no other reason than it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Book Blurb:  All war. No love. Madeleine’s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let Byron beat her in some huge prank war. They’ve had their deserters, their POW's, their casualties, but no one can risk losing the battle of the sexes.

Except now something strange is happening at the college...and it’s not just the students. Buried deep beneath the pranks is real danger and the only other person who suspects is Byron. Should Mad join sides with him or does that mean forfeiting her heart to the enemy?

As I started into this book, I was immediately drawn in to the comedy, and the friendships between the characters.  Madeleine is a feisty chick who knows what she wants and isn't about to get pushed around - and isn't about to give up her crown as the ultimate prankster. Byron is a little too self-assured for her tastes, and she's determined to push him off his pedestal and show him that he's only human.  She rallies her friends and roommates and he rallies his, and the two groups go head-to-head booby-trapping each other's apartments and playing all sorts of radical practical jokes.  The competition gets more and more fierce - and sometimes a little over the top - until Madeleine realizes she's stumbled into something big, something dangerous, and the two groups of college students must band together to get out of it safely.

I enjoyed the first portion of the book quite a lot, but when the mystery elements began to be revealed, I was even more intrigued.  The story had more dimensions than I thought at first - not just the tale of college students on the loose with no parental supervision whatsoever, it was filled with suspense and action.  I read the last several pages at double speed, eager to see how it all played out, and was not disappointed.

You can click here to check out Stephanie Fowers' website and watch the book trailer.  Click here to buy the e-book, and here to buy the hard copy.


Nisa said...

Ah, there was some pranks pulled in our college dorms... This sounds like a fun read!

James Duckett said...

Nice review. Thanks for sharing! I missed out on the college pranking, too, but I'm making up for it around the office. :)

i'm erin. said...

Great Review! I totally want to read this one. I'm going to go right now and mark it on my goodreads. Also, it was great to see you at LTUE. You're pretty awesome.

stephanie said...

Tristi! Thanks for doing this. I just stumbled upon it now. I really appreciate the write-up. Yes, it's a bit different than my other books (with the mystery element). My intention was to make it a bit like 'Dumb and Dumber' where the characters have NO IDEA what's happening around them until towards the end. I'm super glad you liked it.

stephanie said...

Hi Tristi! Thank you SO MUCH for the write-up! I just stumbled on it now. Yeah, this book is definitely different from my others (the mystery element). I had intended to make it a bit like a 'Dumb and Dumber' where the characters had NO IDEA what was happening around them until it was too late. I'm super glad you liked it!

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