Sunday, December 04, 2011

Book Review: True Miracles with Genealogy, Volume Two by Anne Bradshaw

We're a family who loves genealogy. My husband works for and is the chair of the genealogy committee in our ward, and I love retelling ancestral stories and feeling connected to persons in the past. I was delighted when Anne Bradshaw included me in putting together her book True Miracles with Genealogy, Volume Two - I was her editor and I contributed the last story.

This book, though slender, contains 58 stories of hope, ancestral ties, and family connections.  Miracles do happen when people begin their family history work - they will discover stories about their departed loved ones, they will find information in the oddest of places, and they will find relatives yet living they never knew existed.   If you talk to anyone who does genealogy, they'll tell you this is true, and now you can read some of these amazing stories for yourself.  You will come away feeling refreshed, renewed, filled with a knowledge of our Heavenly Father's love for us and His desire that we all be able to find our kindred dead, and more determined than ever to dive back in to your own family tree.

Anne Bradshaw grew up in England, was married in Manchester, and she and her husband reared their family in various British towns. They now live in the USA.
I have enjoyed writing for over twenty years, and have four published works of fiction and a non-fiction book titled Famous Family Nights, as well as True Miracles with Genealogy, Volume One.

She has co-authored two books on writing, and co-authored an award-winning screenplay set in Ireland--The Ardanea Pendant.

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