Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review: Witch Song by Amber Argyle

Brusenna and her mother live in isolation deep in the forest. Their trips into town are infrequent and often made with the greatest of caution, as they never know what they will encounter when they leave their home. They live without many friends, relying on each other for companionship. They are witches, and have been shunned by most of society.

The Dark Witch has made it her goal to harness all witchcraft for herself and to use it to control all the elements to her bidding. By kidnapping the witches and subjecting them to her will, she can steal their power and make her own even stronger. Brusenna's mother rises up to fight her, but never comes back, and it falls on Brusenna's shoulders ... she is the last free witch.

Using her voice, the tool which calls out her power, she practices the spells her mother left her, feeling insufficient to the task. She finds Joshen, a young man who is sympathetic to the plight of the witches and vows to protect her, and together they begin a journey to the land where the Dark Witch lives. But she has to face the battle alone - as devoted as Joshen is to her, only she has the power to win.

I enjoyed this first novel by Amber Argyle. It blends together many of the traits we've been taught about witches with new ideas and new ways of looking at their role in the earth. The story was unique and fresh, enough romance to satisfy the romantics with enough adventure to satisfy the adventurous, and I highly recommend it for young adults and adults who are looking for a good read.

You can purchase Witch Song here, visit Amber's blog here, and when you're done reading it, you can leave your review here.

FTC: The fact that I was honored and delighted to be one of the few to receive an ARC of this book did not influence my review. Nor was I enchanted by witch song into liking it.


Amber Argyle, author said...

Tristi, you have a gift for writing beautiful plot summaries. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Abby said...

This sounds wonderful and I love the cover too! I am going to have to order it! Thanks for sharing this. I just saw it somewhere and was wondering if it was good so I was excited to learn more about it! :)

Patty Ann said...

This sounds like a book that I would love!! Thanks for the review. I really wish more of the good authors would be on NOOK. I love reading, but so many good authors are still not on all the ereaders.

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