Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Review: Wings of Light by Laura Bingham

Today I have a guest blogger, my daughter Caryn. She fell in love with the young adult fantasy book Alvor when it was first released by author Laura Bingham, and when she found out that there was a sequel, she pretty much used her wicked kung fu moves on me, rendered me helpless, snatched the book from my paralyzed hand, and made off with it into the night.

Okay, no, she didn't, but she might as well have done so. She was really excited - we'll put it that way.

She was also very pleased when I asked her to write a review of the book - which she finished reading in one day, I have to add. So, without further ado or hyperbole, here's Caryn.

Wings of Light is a wonderful sequel to Alvor, an intriguing fantasy about a teenage girl named Erin and her twin brother, Bain. When they discover a magical cabin in the woods, they make the choice of becoming Alvin, or immortal elves. But being immortal doesn’t make you immune to everything.

In Wings of Light, Erin discovers that she has powers that she has powers that far exceed that of a normal Alva (girl elf), even though she shares powers with a dragon. Where the extra powers come from is anybody’s guess, but these out-of-control powers might mean trouble. Oh, and Erin and Bain’s fairy godmother got kidnapped. To make matters worse, Erin is having troubles with her crush, whose heart seems to belong to someone else. Will Erin and Bain survive this and solve the intertwining mysteries, even with the help of Pulsar the dragon? No man knows. Unless they’ve read the book.

I really liked it because it’s creative and it’s well written. The charters, the Alvin world and everything felt so real. I felt… connected somehow, crazy as that sounds. Laura Bingham has worked her magic. ;-)

The girl has a way with a book review, doesn't she? Well, she is my daughter, after all ...

We received a copy of this book from the author, but this did not influence our opinions. It just caused much dancing in the streets and shouts of joy.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Gotta love those wicked kung fu moves when a kid wants a book. You're doin' it right, Mom!

Laura said...

Thanks for the sweet review! How fun to read your daughter's thougts!

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