Monday, February 07, 2011

Making Friends Monday

Thanks for joining me as we celebrate yet another installment of Making Friends Monday!  You know how this works – you get to meet great new bloggers, run over and follow them, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our first blogger is K.C. Grant, author of LDS historical fiction.  She wrote the novel Abish, Daughter of God, which I reviewed here.

She says, “I mainly write on my blog about topics for aspiring writers which, of course, includes my favorite links for writers (Tristi’s included!) and I post twice a month--if I'm lucky!

“I have two published novels with another on its way in 2012. I write for various magazines and belong to several writing groups. (full bio on my website). I'll be doing some giveaways as well this next month in preparation for my latest book's release in March:
Abish, Mother of Faith.”

Coolness – I didn’t know Abish had a sequel!

Today’s other featured blogger is Shirley Bahlmann, who is excited to be on her good friend, Tristi's, blog! Shirley was born to write bestsellers, which are bubbling in her brain and out her fingers even as you read! She's had nearly 20 books published in less than ten years, (including collaborations.) Her newest book is "Hearing with my Heart" for Justin Osmond, son of groovy Osmond Brother Merrill Osmond. 

Shirley's blog (which kind-hearted, smart-headed, cutie-pie Tristi helped set up!) is a six-foot-tall view of life from an author with more book ideas than life left to write all of them. (But they're coming down the pike. She'll die with a furiously scribbling pen in her hand, make no mistake.) Some readers think it's a funny blog, but hey, it's normal life for Shirley! With so many embarrassing experiences, she's forgotten how to be embarrassed! See for yourself and have a good day, a happy day, a reading day!

Okay, everyone – go blog-hopping and make some good friends!  And if you’d like to participate in Making Friends Monday and be featured here on my blog, just drop me a note.  


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

This is the first time I've dropped by on a Monday and I'm glad I did! What a great idea! I'll definitely be checking out the new friends :)

Angie said...

Cool! I'll go check those two out.

franklycreative said...

This is my first time reading Making Friends Monday. Great idea. Thanks for introducing me to these awesome new people and their blogs. I guess I'll need to make note and manuever my mouse more your way on Mondays. (Gotta love illiteration).

Angela Felsted said...

Thanks for the book! I'm so excited to read it.

K.C. Grant said...

Thanks, Tristi! I'm excited to be making new friends!

Jeanettethewriter said...

I like your idea of "Making Friends Monday" and would like to invite your readers to visit my blog: It is intended to be a forum for discussion on writing, publishing, and promoting. I promise to follow any bloggers who follow me, as long as we share similar interests in the writing world. Thanks again Tristi, for reviewing my novel NO STONE UNTURNED.

Canda said...

I love getting book recommendations from friends. They are always the best books. Thanks. Two more for the wish list.

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